A return to Square Enix's roleplaying roots, Octopath Traveler is an RPG you can play your own way. With a cast of eight characters, seven of which you don't even need to recruit in a given playthrough, Octopath Traveler gives you the freedom to explore the realm of Orsterra, explore a myriad of personal stories, and eventually tie it all up with a hidden plotline that harkens back to the world's days of yore. One of Square Enix's newer franchises, Octopath Traveler nevertheless utilizes the tried-and-true turn-based combat and quirky characters that made the company a success years before its release.

Because Octopath Traveler allows you to play through the game with any of the eight player characters as your 'main' protagonist, there is no one way to play through the game. Personal quests can be completed in any order you like. As such this guide will be divided into the quests of each of the eight characters, rather than following a set linear path. Feel free to jump from character quest to character quest with impunity.  

Olberic's Story

Cyrus' Story

Tressa's Story

Ophilia's Story

Primrose's Story

Alfyn's Story

Therion's Story

Side Stories

World Map Areas (Danger Levels 1 - 11)

World Map Areas (Danger Levels 20-30)

World Map Areas (Danger Levels 40+)

Optional Dungeons

Everhold Tunnels (Danger Level 55)