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Atlasdam Side Stories

City of Gold

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Cyrus' storyline

Location: Inside the library on the west side of the Atlasdam Palace Gate

Reward: 9,000 leaves, Alluring Ribbon

- Speak to the Passionate Reader on the left side of Atlasdam's library. She speaks of a 'city of gold', one she read about in a book, though there's very little info on the subject. She'd like to learn more.

- There are two ways to complete this quest. The first is to head to Marsalim. Up the stairs on the east side of the city is a Scholarly Youth. Inquire / Scrutinize him for the City of Gold info, and take it back to the Passionate Reader for your reward.

- The alternative is to travel to the West Grandport Coast, just outside Grandport. He's standing on a raised path as you head west from Grandport, overlooking a beach. Guide / Allure him back to Atlasdam and present him to the Passionate Reader.

Fit for a King

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Cyrus' storyline

Location: Outside the Provisioner in Atlasdam

Reward: 1,500 leaves, 2 Healing Grapes (M)

- Look for the Capable Culinarian near the entrance of Atlasdam. He's standing beside the save point. He's been asked to cook for the king, but lacks the ingredients to concoct a kingly meal. You'll need to Purchase / Steal the following items for the man:

  • Ambrosial Milk, held by a Townsperson. He's standing outside the Inn, right by the entrance of Atlasdam.
  • Emperor Crab, held by a Tavern Patron in the Tavern.
  • Roc Egg, held by a Boy. He's in the city square, between the Tavern and the Provisioner.
Return to the Capable Culinarian with the three items for your reward.

The Prodigious Painting

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Cyrus' storyline

Location: Left side of the lower floor of Atlasdam Palace

Reward: 13,000 leaves

- Speak to the Art Lover in Atlasdam Palace. He's a huge fan of a particular painter, but the man will only paint landscapes. The Art Lover wants more of his work.

- There are two methods for satiating the Art Lover's appetite, and both involve traveling to the East Saintsbridge Traverse. Follow the path out of Saintsbridge to the east, until you run into a save point, then go south. You'll find the Landscape Artist cursing his career. You can either Purchase / Steal the Final Masterpiece from the man, or Allure / Guide the Landscape Artist and head back to Atlasdam together. Either path will earn you a nice prize from the Art Lover.

Theracio's Tutelage (I)

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Cyrus' storyline

Location: Beside a house just south of the entrance to Atlasdam

Reward: 1,500 leaves, Invigorating Nut

Unlocks: Theracio's Tutelage (II)

- Look for Theracio, one of the teachers at Atlasdam's Royal Academy. He claims that he's being hounded by moneylenders who insist he needs to pay more interest, and needs help getting them off of his back.

- Standing beside Theracio is a Shifty Moneylender. Challenge / Provoke the fellow and defeat him in combat. Winning will earn you a cut scene and complete the quest.


In Search of Father (I)

Prerequisite: Kit, the Traveler

Location: On the bridge to East Noblecourt

Reward: 4,500 leaves

Unlocks: In Search of Father (II)

- Look for Kit on the bridge leading to the east side of Noblecourt. He remembers the party's kindness, but needs yet more help, as he fears that he is not strong enough to travel on his own.

- Head to East Noblecourt. Down the stairs near the Tavern that lead to the cemetery you'll find an Aspiring Actor. Allure / Guide him to Kit and the pair will form a partnership, then join a troupe of actors.

Mikk and Makk Make Good

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of Therion and Tressa's storylines

Location: Barham's home in Noblecourt, to the south of the main streets

Reward: 11,000 leaves, Mikk and Makk's Shield

- Check out Barham's home, the small house on the outskirts of the first area of Noblecourt. Barham and Orlick are here, and Mikk and Makk show up shortly thereafter. The scholars were using Leon's trading company, but it appears the old pirate is a pirate all over again. The quartet squabble for a while, and Mikk and Makk leave.

- Head back to the main area of Noblecourt and you'll see a man named Leon Bastralle? standing by a market stall. Provoke / Challenge him and defeat him in combat, which should be no problem this far into the game. This Leon will be revealed as a fraud, and the Side Story will end well. (You can even Allure / Guide Definitely Not Leon, if you want.)

The Gravekeeper's Grief

Location: In the graveyard in the south of East Noblecourt

Reward: 4,500 leaves, Gravekeeper's Mark

- Speak to the Old Gravekeeper in Noblecourt's graveyard. He's frustrated by the actions of a graverobber, and wants to put a stop to the incursions - though he's too old to fight a youthful foe effectively.

- Your first option for completing this Side Story is to look for the Accomplished Graybeard. He's off the beaten path in the first half of Noblecourt, down the stairs that lead south to Barham's home. You can Steal / Purchase a Codger-friendly Bow from him and deliver it to the Old Gravekeeper.

- The second option is to deal with the graverobber yourself. Head out onto the Western Noblecourt Flats and follow the road southwest until it turns to grass. A little further south you'll find a path up onto a rise on your right. There's an Awkward Boy up here who will yell at you. Challenge / Provoke him successfully to trigger a cut scene where the boy tells the truth of the matter, and you'll earn your reward. (You can also go back to the graveyard and watch the new apprentice at work.)

The Price of Vengeance

Location: Outside the Tavern in Noblecourt

Reward: 6,500 leaves, Veteran's Helm

- Speak to the Luckless Veteran outside the Tavern. He speaks of an old mercenary company he used to run, and three men who betrayed him and destroyed his business. He would like them punished, and the Mercenary Crests they stole returned. The NPCs you need to Challenge / Provoke are in the following locations:

  • Atlasdam. You'll find the Crest-bearing Drunk beside the Tavern, in the center of the city.
  • Goldshore. You'll find the Crest-bearing Ruffian down on the beach in the south of town.
  • Duskbarrow. You'll find the Crest-bearing Swindler standing outside the Inn.
Take the three Mercenary Crests back to the Luckless Veteran in Noblecourt for your reward. 

Theracio's Tutelage (II)

Prerequisite: Theracio's Tutelage (I)

Location: Far east side of East Noblecourt, looking over a balcony railing

Reward: 6,600 leaves, Invigorating Nut (M) 

- Head to Noblecourt and look for Theracio. He's just south of the large mansion in the far east of the town. He's busy spreading knowledge to the kids of Noblecourt, but he lacks the proper materials to get the job done.

- Head northeast to Azelhart Mansion, where Primrose grew up. There's a Junk Collector skulking around the left side of the mansion, picking up whatever he can find. Purchase / Steal the Tools of Learning from him and take them back to Theracio.

Wispermill Side Stories

Scaredy Sheep

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of Ophilia's storyline

Location: Western Wispermill Flats, on the road just outside Wispermill

Reward: 12,000 leaves, Elemental Augmentor

- Speak to the Carefree Shepherd who's standing on the side of the road leading out of Wispermill. He says that his flock of sheep has been spooked lately, and suspects that a monster is to blame. He hopes someone will take care of the creature.

- Continue traveling along the main path of the Western Wispermill Flats, heading progressively west, until you come to a Trembling Merchant, down on one knee. Inquire / Scrutinize him to learn about Where the Direwolf Prowls, which should give you an idea of what's going on.

- Head to the Forest of Purgation, a Danger Level 58 dungeon on the far west side of the Western Wispermill Flats. You'll need to keep going off the main path, heading further west, to make the camera pan over and reveal the entrance. Go north and then east from the save point at the entrance to engage your foe.


Weakness: Polearm, Axe, Lightning, Dark

Weakness (Direwolf): Sword, Dagger, Staff

Woof. Tough battle if you try to take it on too early. Mánagarmr is a physical powerhouse, and uses a slew of single- or multi-target Skills to batter your party. Savage Fang can inflict terror on a character, while Savage Claw can debuff everyone's attack stats. Lunar Howl is particularly nasty, as it hits everyone and strips away any buffs you've put up. In addition to its attacks Mánagarmr will summon Direwolves three times, summoning an additional Direwolf each time, and while the Direwolves are alive Mánagarmr's weaknesses are covered. Once Mánagarmr reaches low enough health its number of attacks per round will increase to three.

The fight is straightforward, but long. Use Shackle Foe (Thief) on Mánagarmr and Hired Help - Mercenary on your party to brunt the damage you're taking, then go to town on Mánagarmr - though you should hold back on expending your BP. Don't worry too much about dominating Mánagarmr right away, as you want to use up its three Direwolf summons before getting its health too low. Fighting three Direwolves and a boss that can attack three times per round is no fun at all. Kill the Direwolves when they appear to unlock Mánagarmr's weaknesses, then just do what you must to get right of its defensive shields. Heal often, as Mánagarmr's attacks will routinely do a minimum of 1,500 points of damage, and often much more. Add that to the attacks of the other Direwolves and your party can be wiped out reeeeeally quickly.   

(Having trouble breaking Mánagarmr before it and its Direwolves wipe you out? Get yourself a Double Tomahawk or two and have BP-boosted characters attack it multiple times. You'll take down double the defensive shields. Mánagarmr and its cronies can take your whole team down in a single round if you're unlucky, so you really want the big wolf to be broken as much as possible.) 

You'll earn a Direwolf Fang for defeating Mánagarmr. Take it back to the Carefree Shepherd to earn your reward.

Theracio's Tutelage (III)

Prerequisite: Theracio's Tutelage (II)

Location: Outside the General Store in Wispermill

Reward: 1,500 leaves, 2 Healing Grapes (M)

- Go looking for Theracio in Wispermill. He's still trying to teach children everywhere he goes, but the kids in Wispermill have no interest in his teachings. Theracio is at a loss for what he should do to inspire their curiosity and attention.

- Theracio mentions a Professor Bastete. Head to Clearbrook and you'll find Bastete near the save point, down from the graveyard in the east of town. Guide / Allure her to Wispermill and speak to Theracio to give him the kick he needs.

Tilting at Windmills

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of Ophilia's storyline

Location: Outside the windmill in eastern Wispermill

Reward: 22,000 leaves

- Walk up to Wispermill's windmill and speak to the Slender Farmer. She's incensed, saying that 'he' is raising the price to use the mills. She doesn't say who 'he' is, though if you speak to the Troubled Villager near the Inn you'll learn that a man named Bryan owns the mills. He doesn't live in Wispermill.

- There are two methods for completing this quest, and the first involves Bryan himself. He's in the Tavern in Sunshade, standing at the bottom-left table. Challenge / Provoke him and beat the snot out of the creep to complete the quest.

- The second method involves a man named Dan, who lives in Atlasdam and stands just south of the Armorer. He has designed a new model of windmill, and just needs someone to take a chance on it. Guide / Allure Dan to the Slender Farmer in Wispermill to begin the upgrade process and end the quest.

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