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Rippletide Side Stories

Le Mann, Explorer Extraordinaire (I)

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Tressa's Story

Location: Northern docks of Rippletide

Reward: 1,500 leaves, Fortifying Nut

Unlocks: Le Mann, Explorer Extraordinaire (II)

- Speak to Le Mann. He's standing near the end of the northernmost dock in Rippletide, and he's ready to set off on a journey. He is, however, completely unequipped for going out on adventures.

- Speak to the Antique Dealer among the market stalls to the south of the dock. You can Purchase / Steal an Adventurer's Attire from him. Take it back to Le Mann for your reward.

Love Unrequited

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Tressa's story

Location: Outside the Armorer in Rippletide

Reward: 1,500 leaves, Critical Nut (M)

- Speak to Mathilda, near the Armorer. She speaks of a man who keeps proposing to her, and when she turns him down he runs off crying for his mother. She's not interested.

- The first method for settling this Side Story is to go looking for Tony, the man in question. He's standing between the Tavern and the Provisioner. Challenge / Provoke Tony and either lose the fight or run away. Then speak to Mathilda again.

- Alternately, go looking for Tony's Mother. She's standing outside the Inn, just south of Tony. Allure / Guide the mother over to Tony and watch the cut scene that follows to earn your reward.

Princess Mary, Redux

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of Cyrus' story

Location: Just west of the Tavern in Rippletide

Reward: 9,000 leaves, Absolute Zero Staff

- Speak to Princess Mary of Atlasdam, near the Tavern in Rippletide. She's looking for a Professor Paul, her old tutor, who is slated to return to Rippletide soon. News of a foundered ship nearby will soon reach your eyes, and Princess Mary will run off.

- Travel to Undertow Cave. It's located on the North Rippletide Coast, behind a heap of rocks in the northeast of the area, down on a beach. You can't see the entrance, but it's there.

- Track down Paul in the cave. He's to the west of the entrance, then south a little ways and out on a rock. You should spot him with little trouble. Allure / Guide Paul and take him back to Princess Mary, on the northern docks of Rippletide, for your reward.

Goldshore Side Stories

In Search of Father (II)

Prerequisite: In Search of Father (I)

Location: Moonstruck Coast, south of West Goldshore Coast - the acting troupe is set up on the eastern side of the coastline

Reward: 9,000 leaves

Unlocks: Alphas and the Impresario

- Search the east side of the Moonstruck Coast for Kit and the acting troupe. Kit has learned something of his father's whereabouts, though he'll need to leave the acting troupe to continue the search. He wants to do something for them before he leaves. The Actress standing nearby has an idea.

- Head to Grandport. Standing in front of the stairs that lead up to the Armorer is a Traveling Merchant. Purchase / Steal the Lapis Lazuli out of his inventory and take it back to Kit.

Left Behind

Location: Down on the beach in southern Goldshore

Reward: 4,500 leaves, Elemental Ward

- Speak to the Former Sailor on the beach in Goldshore. He speaks of his old captain who went missing when their ship crashed, many years before. He asks that you look for the man, who has a substantial beard.

- Travel to Victors Hollow. There's an Amnesiac with a beard standing outside the Tavern. Guide / Allure him and take him back to the Former Sailor in Goldshore for your reward.

Le Mann, Explorer Extraordinaire (II)

Prerequisite: Le Mann, Explorer Extraordinaire (I)

Location: Far east side of Goldshore, near the entrance of the Road to the Caves of Azure (that's a mouthful)

Reward: 6,600 leaves, Fortifying Nut (M)

Unlocks: Le Mann, Explorer Extraordinaire (III)

- Speak to Le Mann. He's hanging out on the bridge in the east of Goldshore. It appears that the fabulous explorer is homesick, and he needs someone to push him into his grand adventure.

- Head to Rippletide and look for Harris, Le Mann's friend. He's standing near the Inn. Allure / Guide Harris and take him to Le Mann in Goldshore to give the adventurer a kick in the pants and get him moving.

Scourge of the Seas

Location: The small square on the east side of the Goldshore Manor District, in the north of Goldshore

Reward: 7,000 leaves, Leviathan Shield

- Speak to the Fledgling Fisherman in the Goldshore Manor District. He'll describe a foul beast that attacks anyone who dares set out from Goldshore in a boat. Before leaving, Purchase / Steal the Leviathan Egg from the Fledgling Fisherman.

- Travel to Captains' Bane. It's located on the West Goldshore Coast, almost directly along the path to the west of Goldshore. The Leviathan Hunter out front of the cave will hint heavily at what's going on.

- Head inside Captains' Bane and make your way to the northwest. You'll sense danger lurking just past a save point, which means a boss battle is imminent.


Weakness: Polearm, Bow, Fire, Lightning, Wind

Weakness (Sea Urchin): Dagger, Staff, Fire, Light

Weakness (Crimson Urchin): Sword, Axe, Lightning, Dark

The Leviathan is a fairly formidable foe. It specializes in a series of physical attacks that can inflict unconsciousness on a character, and can act up to three times per round unless broken. It can also use Dissolving Mist to reduce everyone's physical defense, making its other Skills more potent. Accompanying the Leviathan are a Sea Urchin and a Crimson Urchin, both of which can poison your characters. If you focus on the Leviathan too much it can consume the Urchins, gaining a hefty health boost from the Sea Urchin and several buffs from the Crimson Urchin. The Urchins also cover three of the Leviathan's five weaknesses while they're alive, allowing you to use only Polearm and Wind to wear it down. Late in the fight the Leviathan can go into Boost mode, and if allowed to carry through it will use Rampage, doing heavy damage to the whole party and potentially inflicting unconsciousness on everyone it hits. Ow.

What's the answer? Kill the Urchins, of course. They don't have that much more health than a normal enemy, and once they're out of the way it's pretty easy to stun the Leviathan and inflict heavy damage before it recovers. It can summon more Urchins, granted, but you should have plenty of time to put a hefty dent in the Leviathan's health before other Urchins appear. Use Shackle Foe (Thief) and Hired Help - Mercenary (Merchant) to deaden the Leviathan's attacks in the meantime and the fight should be fairly straightforward, so long as you can avoid characters getting knocked unconscious.

You'll earn an Inspiriting Plum (M) and an Olive of Life (L) for defeating the Leviathan and its buddies. Before you can finish it off, though, the Leviathan Hunter will walk up and resolve the issue without the need to slay the beast. Quest complete.

The Merchant's Path

Location: East side of Goldshore Manor District

Reward: 11,000 leaves, Slippery Nut, Light Nut

- Speak to the Merchantry Master on the second tier of roads in Goldshore Manor District, in the north of Goldshore. He speaks of bandits that have been causing trouble for his fellow merchants.

- There are two ways to resolve this quest. The first is to head to West Goldshore Coast and speak to the Knowledgeable Traveler. He's standing across the bridge that's just north of the save point outside Goldshore. Inquire / Scrutinize him for the A Safe Route info. Teach this to the Merchantry Master for your reward.

- Alternately, head up to Goldshore Cathedral. Just south of the entrance is a man named Drevon who complains of the money needed to maintain a noble lifestyle. Challenge / Provoke Drevon - he's quite weak - and he'll be revealed as the master of the bandits. You'll receive your reward as Drevon flees.

Grandport Side Stories

An Exotic Aroma

Location: The western beach at the Grandport Markets

Reward: 11,000 leaves, Revitalizing Jam

- Speak to the Woman from Quaragosa on the beach in Grandport. She's looking out at the sea. She says she's from a far-off land, and she misses the smell of the quatrait blooms that grew on her home soil.

- There are two ways to complete this quest. The first is to use Allure / Guide on the woman and take her to Rippletide. Check the northern dock and you'll find a Caravan Member at the far end of the dock who says the caravan is headed south. The quest ends here as the woman decides to head home.

- The alternate route is to head to Sunshade. There's a Portly Merchant on the west side of town who has a Quatrait Bloom in his inventory that you can Purchase / Steal. Take it back to the Woman from Quaragosa for your reward.

Keeping Up with the Wyndhams

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of both Tressa's and Therion's storylines

Location: North of the Armorer in Grandport

Reward: 12,000 leaves, Blessed Blazon

- Speak to Cordelia, the young woman in blue from Therion's storyline. She mentions trying to meet her friend, Noa, though Noa has not replied to any letters in a while.

- Head out onto West Grandport Coast. There's a Brigand standing near the bridge leading into Grandport who mentions letters. Challenge / Provoke him and win the fight - he's quite evasive, but otherwise not very strong - and you'll receive a Letter from Noa. Take it back to Cordelia for your reward.

Le Mann, Explorer Extraordinaire (III)

Prerequisite: Le Mann, Explorer Extraordinaire (II)

Location: The dock on the east side of the Grandport Markets

Reward: 11,000 leaves, Adventurer's Hat, Fortifying Nut (L)

- Speak to Le Mann on the east side of the Grandport Markets. He's as jubilant as ever, though there are brigands barring the ship he wants to board. Challenge / Provoke the nearby Wharf Thug and beat him up to send Le Mann on his way. The Wharf Thug can knock your character unconscious, so equip yourself accordingly.

The Diarist's Desire

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of Tressa's storyline

Location: North end of the market stalls in the Grandport Markets

Reward: 6,500 leaves, Alluring Ribbon

- Speak to Ing the Diarist, the older gentleman who appeared at the end of Tressa's storyline. He's looking for new things to write about, but is coming up dry. You'll need to find and Purchase / Steal three items to spark Ing's imagination and earn your reward:

  • First is the Astonishing Object. It's held by the Proud Collector, a stately chap just up the stairs from the Inn.
  • Next is the Incredible Item. It's held by the Satisfied Merchant in Wellspring. He's standing by the bottom-left corner of the oasis, not far from the barracks.
  • Last is the Marvelous Memento. It's held by the Smirking Townsperson in Duskbarrow. He's standing outside the General Store.

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