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Cobbleston Side Stories

Fertile Fields

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Olberic's storyline

Location: Out front of the Tavern in Cobbleston

Reward: 1,500 leaves, 3 Inspiriting Plums (M)

- Speak to the Kindly Farmer near the Tavern in Cobbleston. He says he needs manure in order to plant some odd seeds one of his friends gave him.

- Speak to the Courageous Cowherd to the south of Olberic's former house, in the north of Cobbleston. He mentions manure. Purchase / Steal the Cow Droppings from him and take them to the Kindly Farmer for your prize.

Never Forget

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Olberic's storyline

Location: Northern road in Cobbleston that leads to the Mountain Pass 

Reward: 9,000 leaves, Sharp Nut (M)

- Look in the north of Cobbleston, just east of the Inn, and you'll find a Melancholy Youth. He's looking for his beloved Lorie, but can't find her anywhere.

- There are two ways to resolve this situation, and both of them lay in Noblecourt. Your first option is to go to Noblecourt and look for the Affable Antiquarian. He's in the town square, just south of the Provisioner. Purchase / Steal Lorie's Diary from him and take it back to the Melancholy Youth for your reward.

- Alternately, Guide / Allure the Melancholy Youth and take him to Noblecourt. Approach the right grave in the graveyard in East Noblecourt. This will trigger a cut scene, and you'll earn your reward.

Noelle, Seeker of Knowledge (I)

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Olberic's storyline

Location: Outside Olberic's old home in Cobbleston, in the north of town

Reward: 4,800 leaves, Tough Nut

Unlocks: Noelle, Seeker of Knowledge (II)

- Speak to Noelle in the north of Cobbleston. She's looking for information on the famed King Beowulf, and is casting about for anyone who might know anything of value.

- Guide / Allure Noelle and lead her to the Untouched Sanctum. It's a Danger Level 15 dungeon located along the North Cobbleston Gap, down a secret path on the right side of the road as it veers south. Follow the path south from the save point inside the dungeon and you'll find the stone plinth Noelle seeks in the southeast corner of the area, beside a purple chest. Inspect the stone to complete the quest (and learn a few things in the process).

Stonegard Side Stories

A Royal Secret

Location: In front of the fountain in Stonegard Valleys

Reward: 5,000 leaves, Royal Crest

- Speak to the Inquiring Youth in the center of Stonegard Valleys. He is studying the Ventus Dynasty, and wonders why one of the dynasty's kings suddenly lost the desire to paint.

- There are two methods for completing this task, and the first is to travel to the Tomb of Kings. It's a Danger Level 25 dungeon located on the West Stonegard Pass, just south of the entrance from the North Stonegard Pass. If you make your way to the highest level of the dungeon you'll find a Nameless Gravekeeper tending to the ruins. Inquire / Scrutinize him for the Gravekeeper's Information, then return to the Inquiring Youth for your reward. (This path is a little more interesting, honestly.)

- The easier way to accomplish this goal is to speak to the Patrician Youth in Stonegard Valleys. He's standing outside the chapel in the southeast of Stonegard Valleys. Guide / Allure him over to the Inquiring Youth for a different conclusion to the tale.

Lost in Translation

Location: Small house in the northwest of Stonegard Valleys

Reward: 6,500 leaves, Exotic Garb

- Enter the home of the Bookbinder in the northwest of Stonegard Valleys. He has a tome that he does not understand, and wishes he could find someone capable of reading the script inside.

- Head to Rippletide and check the docks on the south side of town, just west of the Inn. There's an Exotic Grandma looking at the water. Guide / Allure her to the Bookbinder's home for your reward.

Noelle, Seeker of Knowledge (II)

Prerequisite: Noelle, Seeker of Knowledge (I)

Location: Just outside Yvon's Birthplace in Stonegard Heights

Reward: 6,600 leaves, Tough Nut (M)

- Look for Noelle in Stonegard Heights. She's still looking for more tales of Beowulf, and asks the party to let her know if they learn anything during their travels.

- Head to Stonegard Valleys. Along the lowest roads of this area, in the south, is a Wandering Minstrel who will play you a song. Inquire / Scrutinize him to learn The Fortress of Everhold. Return to Noelle with this info for your reward.

Russell's Repentance

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of Cyrus' storyline

Location: Russell's home in Stonegard, just east of the exit to Stonegard Valleys

Reward: 9,000 leaves, Confessional Armor

- Head to Russell's home in Stonegard. The melancholy scholar has become an apprentice in the bookmaking industry, though he longs to do more research - and is lacking the time. He needs the party to go looking for regional information in three locations, and do some Inquiring / Scrutinizing:
  • Bolderfall. Speak to the Cliftlands Know-it-all in the small square to the north of the Inn. He has the History of the Cliftlands info.
  • Stillsnow. Speak to the Frostlands Know-it-all standing outside the small chapel in the northeast of town. He has the History of the Frostlands info.
  • Duskbarrow. Speak to the Woodlands Know-it-all standing among the ruins to the left of the save point. He has the History of the Woodlands info.
Take these three pieces of information back to Russell to earn your reward.

Up to No Good

Location: Southwestern house of Stonegard Valleys, down a few flights of stairs

Reward: 5,000 leaves, Guardian Amulet

- Head to Stonegard Valleys and speak to the Elderly Shopowner. He's standing out front of a house in the southwest of the area, and he's complaining of two nearby Ruffians who won't leave him alone.

- There are two ways to resolve this problem. The first is to defeat a man named Tobias, as beating up the two Ruffians won't stop the harassment. You'll find Tobias in the north of Stonegard Valleys, on a higher level and behind the Elderly Shopowner's home.

- The other method is to travel to Sunshade. If you check outside the Provisioner you'll find an Amnesiac Girl whose name might be Layla. Guide / Allure her back to Stonegard with you and speak to the Ruffian near the Elderly Shopowner.

- (Final note: Once this quest is complete you can beat up the NPC in front of the house to gain access, where you couldn't Challenge / Provoke the Elderly Shopowner. Inside is a chest containing Spiked Armor.)

Everhold Side Stories

Noelle, Seeker of Knowledge (III)

Prerequisite: Noelle, Seeker of Knowledge (II)

Location: On the bridge leading to the Everhold Amphitheater

Reward: 11,000 leaves, Historian's Hat, Tough Nut (L)

- Look for Noelle in Everhold, near the theater in the northeast of town. She's still doggedly pursuing information on King Beowulf. She is quite dismayed by the conversion of Beowulf's former castle into an arts center, but is determined to find something of value inside.

- She needn't look so far. Head to Everhold's Inn. There's a Stage Carpenter out front who speaks of some of the remains they discovered while building the theater. Steal / Purchase from him to receive a Timeworn Tapestry. Take the tapestry to Noelle to satisfy her curiosity - a little, anyway - and collect your reward.

Performance Art

Location: Outside the Provisioner in Everhold

Reward: 22,000 leaves

- Speak to the Ardent Actor outside the Provisioner. He claims that his next big role is that of the legendary Sokrath, and he needs more information to play the man convincingly.

- There are two ways to complete this quest. The first is to head to Atlasdam and go to the Atlasdam Palace Gate, in the north. Outside the Royal Academy of Atlasdam, looking over the balcony ledge on the left side of the grounds, is a Handsome Minstrel. Inquire / Scrutinize him for The Song of Sokrath, and take it back to the Ardent Actor for your reward.

- Alternately, you can head to Grandport. You'll find a Creepy Antiquarian in the Grandport Markets, hanging out at a stall in the northwest of the grounds. Purchase / Steal the Sword of Sokrath from him and take it to the Ardent Actor for your reward.

Star of the Stage

Location: On the bridge leading the Everhold Amphitheater

Reward: 15,000 leaves, Revitalizing Jam

- Speak to the Impresario south of the Everhold Amphitheater. He's bewailing the fact that his production's star fencer has run off, leaving no one capable of performing the part. He needs a replacement.

- Use Challenge / Provoke on the Impresario and defeat him in combat. Win the subsequent battle to earn your reward, and put your character on the stage. (The scene plays out a little differently depending on whether Olberic or H'aanit gets to perform.)

Ruins of Hornburg

At Journey's End

Prerequisite: Alphas and the Impresario, complete every storyline

Location: The Ruins of Hornburg

Reward: 100,000 leaves, Spurning Ribbon

The final Side Story in the Highlands - and the finale of Octopath Traveler - At Journey's End requires a lot. Not only do you need to complete the storylines of both Kit and Lyblac, along with Alphas and the Impresario, you must also complete the storylines of all eight of your party members. This means that if you decided to skip a character on your current playthrough you can't do At Journey's End. So... maybe reconsider.

Once you've completed Alphas and the Impresario and all of the storylines, speak to the Impresario on the West S'warkii Trail. This will unlock At Journey's End, as well as the Ruins of Hornburg, sitting among the mountains of the Highlands and not far from Everhold. The area itself is vacant of enemies, though once you reach the end of the road... well, we'll address it in a self-contained article. Needless to say, this area will test the limits of your party.

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