Main Walkthrough

Located on the outskirts of the royal city of Atlasdam, the Atlasdam Flats of the Flatlands connect the inlands of Orsterra to the sea. If you chose the Scholar Cyrus as your beginning character you began the game in Atlasdam, and will find his magic useful while navigating the Flats. This guide will begin a little investigation of the Atlasdam Flats from the front gates of Atlasdam itself.

There are plenty of monsters inhabiting the Atlasdam Flats that will attack you whenever they get the chance:

  • Flatlands Froggen I - Weak to Bow, Ice, and Light. Uses normal physical attacks, for the most part. Cyrus' Icewind will break and kill them.
  • Flatlands Froggen II - Weak to Bow, Ice, and Light. Like their lesser kin, but slightly stronger. Eh.
  • Flatlands Froggen III - Weak to Axe, Staff, and Ice. In addition to the moves of the other Froggen these ones can buff themselves. Stick with Ice attacks, as they usually show up with their kin.
  • Aggressive Ant - Weak to Polearm, Staff, and Lightning. Favors physical attacks, including the more-potent Body Slam. Use Lightning Bolt on groups of them with Cyrus to break their defenses.
  • Shaggy Meep - Weak to Polearm, Staff, and Lightning. Like to Charge, and can do a fair amount of damage. Can also debuff your whole party with Intimidate, making them a nuisance - but not a massive one.
  • Giant Sheep - Weak to Bow and Dark. A hulking, intimidating beast that can seriously put the pain on your party - and put them to sleep, as well. You'll have a tough time fighting these early if you can't target their two weaknesses, so consider running if your party is a low level.

East Atlasdam Flats

Head east out of the city to the first crossroads. You'll find an Inspiriting Plum just south of the road sign. Also here, as with every starting town and city, is a young man. He's been injured, and needs a Healing Grape. Hand one over and he'll identify himself as Kit. He's on a trip to find his father. Helping him out here will complete the Kit, the Traveler Side Story and earn you 1,500 Leaves. Not a bad start. 

Take the southern route from this intersection. The path splits ahead, and if you take a right you'll find a purple chest containing 500 leaves. Continuing south along here will bring you to the South Rippletide Coast, leading to the town of Rippletide. A young Merchant, Tressa, will join your party if you head to Rippletide.

If you take the northern route from the previous intersection you'll come to the North Atlasdam Flats.

North Atlasdam Flats

Head west through the Flats. If you go all the way west, off the beaten and path and over to the edge of the screen, you'll find the entrance to the Whistlewood. Is is a Danger Level 15 pathway that's a decent challenge if you've mustered up a party of at least four characters. Tread cautiously if you're weaker than level 15.

North of here you'll find a save point, and the path will diverge. Before you take the obvious paths, check along the eastern row of rocks, south of the save point, to find a side path. It leads to a chest containing a Thunder Soulstone. Grab it and head back to the intersection.

To the north you'll find a path to the Western Noblecourt Flats, on the outskirts of Noblecourt. Go west and you'll find a pathway to the Northern Flamesgrace Wilds, which ultimately lead to Flamesgrace. Here you can recruit Ophilia, a Cleric with strong healing magic. Check just off the path leading into the snow to find a chest containing an Olive of Life (M).

Main Walkthrough