Main Walkthrough

A frigid path through the northern reaches of Orsterra, the Southern Northreach Wilds (weird name) is a very straightforward journey. It's located through the northern exit of the Western Stillsnow Wilds, an intersection area connected to Stillsnow and Victors Hollow. The Southern Northreach Wilds will bring you to Northreach, the final destination in Therion's journey.

Snow usually means trouble in RPGs, so expect the following baddies as you head through the area:

  • Ice Lizardking I - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, and Fire. Can buff itself and do some decent damage to your party members. Not a huge deal.
  • Ice Lizardking II - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, and Fire. Likes melee Skills. A little more dangerous than the Ice Lizardking I.
  • Ice Lizardking III - Weak to Bow, Staff, and Dark. Stronger variation of the other two Lizardkings, but not that different.
  • War Wolf - Weak to Sword, Bow, and Wind. Strong melee enemy that can inflict terror. Problematic but not awful.
  • Reptalios - Weak to Axe. Annoyingly evasive enemy that's only weak to one weapon, though if you've got an Axe the battle is a piece of cake. Can be ignored when other enemies are about.
  • Ice Elemental - Weak to Fire and Lightning. Likes Ice Skills. Elemental Skills of your own are recommended.
  • Snow Drake - Weak to Polearm and Bow. Irritating enemy with few weaknesses. Easy to stun if you have the right jobs. 
  • Accursed Armor - Weak to Axe, Staff, Ice, and Light. Buffs its party, and can use Horrific Claw to inflict terror and lock away Boosting. A significant pain in large groups. 

We'll begin our trip through this short connective area via the Western Stillsnow Wilds entrance.

You'll enter the area in the south. Swing to the west and you'll come to a road sign at an intersection. If you head further west from here you'll come to the Maw of the Ice Dragon, a Danger Level 45 dungeon that you should be able to handle if you can survive the Southern Northreach Wilds. The main path continues to the north.

Follow the path east until it veers to the west. There's a short side path at the bend that will lead you to a chest containing an Energizing Pomegranate (M). Head west along the main path and you'll find yet another treasure chest just as the path bends. This one contains a Shadow Soulstone (M). 

The main path will bring you up to a save point. North of here you'll see the entrance of Northreach in the distance. Take a right before crossing the bridge to the north and you'll find an Herb of Revival in a chest, and take a left to find an Inspiriting Plum Basket.

Main Walkthrough