Main Walkthrough

Danger Level: 45

Location: Southern Northreach Wilds, just west of the entrance from the Western Stillsnow Wilds

Found in the snowy north of Orsterra, the Maw of the Ice Dragon is a suitable dungeon for anyone who can already survive the climb up to Northreach. There are some nice items inside, and the enemies have some nice, overlapping weaknesses (Bow and Fire, specifically) that make dungeon-delving not too difficult. You'll run into the following baddies in the Maw of the Ice Dragon:

  • Ice Elemental - Weak to Fire and Lightning. Likes Ice Skills, no shock there. Use elemental Skills against them for the best results.
  • Snow Drake - Weak to Polearm and Bow. Generally debuffs and uses melee attacks. Hits somewhat hard, but isn't a huge obstacle.
  • War Wolf - Weak to Sword, Bow, and Wind. Weaker enemy that attacks in packs. Can inflict terror, and should be stunned with relative haste.
  • Snow Leopard - Weak to Bow, Fire, and Dark. Fairly powerful melee unit that can heal itself and put your characters to sleep. Not too difficult to stun, fortunately.
  • Accursed Armor - Weak to Axe, Staff, Fire, and Light. Uses buffs and some strong melee attacks, as well as occasionally inflicting terror. One of the stronger candidates for a first target.

You'll find a save point and an intersection immediately after entering the dungeon, though heading south only gives you a glimpse of a chest, not the chest itself. Walk west and curve around the room until you're pointed south. On your right is a ramp leading to a chest. Inside it are 30,000 leaves.

Continue south and the path will branch again. Taking a right will bring you to two chests, one containing an Inspiriting Plum (M), the other (a purple chest) an Adamantine Hat. Taking a left will bring you to another split, and though heading left again appears to lead to a dead end you'll find a secret path leading beneath the main path. There's a Wakeful Stone to the south down here.

Get back on the main path and head north. There's a chest ahead and on your right containing a Shadow Soulstone (L), and another down the path to the west contains a Refreshing Jam. South of here is a save point, and just past it another chest - though before you can reach it you'll be hit with an overwhelming sense of danger. Heal up, then bravely move forward.


Weakness: Polearm, Axe, Wind

Now that is a cool sprite design. Accompanied by two War Wolves, the Dreadwolf is a very straightforward boss. Its attacks are all physical in nature, and the only curveball it throws is the ability to summon more War Wolves with Howl. Use Hired Help - Mercenary to buff your party against the physical hits your foes dish out, then start targeting weaknesses. The Dreadwolf doesn't have that much health, considering it's a boss in a Danger Level 45 dungeon, so this fight shouldn't take you too long. Watch your party's HP, though, as each of the Dreadwolf's attacks - particularly Wild Scratch - pack a wallop. If you're not careful (or just unlucky) it can wipe most of your party in one or two attacks.

Once the Dreadwolf is out of the way you can wander over and open the chest, which contains a powerful Forbidden Dagger. Grabbing this item marks the end of your trip through the Maw of the Ice Dragon. (Though if you feel like fighting the enemies in here, you'll eventually run into more Dreadwolves, now that the first one is dead.)

Main Walkthrough