Yuwen Yi, the main character of Wandering Sword.

Main Walkthrough

During many of Wandering Sword's battles you'll find the game choosing companions automatically for Yuwen Yi. For the rest of the battles, however, he'll potentially be alone - unless you recruit a team to help him. There are many potential party members in Wandering Sword, and some of them are easier to recruit than others. (Much easier.)

This guide will help you track down and recruit all of the available party members in Wandering Sword. Some of them will only be available for a limited time, and can only be recruited if you follow a specific chain of events, so make sure you follow these instructions exactly. (And yes, you can get all of them in a single playthrough - if you play your cards right.)

There are two conditions for permanently recruiting a character:

  • They need to have a small fiery icon beside their name when you approach them on the map
  • They need to have an Affinity of at least 60 with Yi

In every case you'll need to complete at least one side quest to recruit each character. You may or may not be able to give Gifts to characters to raise their Affinity to 60, and if you can't you'll need to complete quests.

Wei Huo, the first team mate you'll recruit in Wandering Sword.

Wei Huo

The first potential recruit for Yi's little army, Wei Huo is located in Wutong Village. You can recruit him during Detoxifying Items, one of the game's first missions.

Wei Huo is helpful early on, but will get outpaced by other party members after a few hours of play. You can power him up a bit by completing his side quests: Wei Huo's Promise and Sharpening Skills.

Bai Jin, an early recruit in Wandering Sword.

Bai Jin

Likely the second character you'll recruit, Bai Jin is located in Luo Village after Tempest Stockade Rescue, but you can't recruit him right away. First you'll need to complete his initial side quest, Return to Mount Wanzi, then follow him to Petalsfall Forest and complete another side quest, Serpent and Plum Liquor. After this you can Invite Bai Jin into the party, though you'll need to raise his Affinity to 60 via Gifts.

Bai Jin is a strong hidden weapons wielder, and can join Yi for the entire game if you wish. The only character who beats him in this regard is Leng Wuqing. (And putting both of them in the party is not a terrible idea.) Bai Jin has two more side quests that you can pursue, as well: Precipice Scenery and Outer Lands Scenery.

Kong Liang, an early - and easily-missed - recruit in Wandering Sword.

Kong Liang

Another potential second recruit for your party is Kong Liang. He's located in the far east of Yanfu Town, to the northeast of Wutong Village. You'll need to complete The Past is the Past, a short side quest, to recruit Liang. Note that you have to actively back him up during this quest, or he'll just leave once it is over. After the quest is done you'll find Kong Liang in Gusu City, where you can Invite him.

It is important to note that Kong Liang will disappear from Yanfu Town after a certain point. Supposedly the quest cutoff is Rainy Night in Gusu, though you should probably try to recruit him immediately after leaving Luo Village. Recruiting Kong Liang is a prerequisite for recruiting one of the most powerful characters in the game, so don't forget him!

All that aside, Kong Liang is a decent party member. He starts off with a monstrous amount of health compared to everyone else, and he's good with a saber. Later on he'll be outclassed by Sima Ling and Di Zui, but you can always make Kong Liang useful if you give him strong enough weapons.

Chen Linxi, an early - and somewhat problematic - recruit in Wandering Sword.

Chen Linxi

Another earlier-game recruit, Chen Linxi is located in Pingkang City. You'll get the chance to recruit him once you've begun the main game quest Trip in Pingkang. Speak to Linxi in his Martial Club (south of the city's entrance), then exit and reenter the city to trigger his recruitment quest, The Childe's Invitation. Defeat Linxi and his subordinates multiple times in this quest, then raise his Affinity afterward so you can recruit him.

Chen Linxi has two more side quests after the first - Frozen Corpse in Beishan and Kylin Child in Pingkang - during which you can further raise your Affinity with him. If you raise Linxi's Affinity past 70 and treat him too well during Frozen Corpse in Beishan, however, he'll die during Kylin Child in Pingkang. If this winds up happening you can still recruit him - just don't ever Chat with him again once he's back in Pingkang City.

(It's worth noting that, as of this writing, I can't seem to get Chen Linxi's side quests to trigger. Perhaps they've been disabled?)

Chen Linxi is the first hand-to-hand fighter you can recruit, and he does his job fairly well... though later on he'll be outpaced by Yan Weihuan and / or Frosty Condor. Not bad, but not great either.

Shangguan Hong, the first female recruit in Wandering Sword.

Shangguan Hong

Another character located in Pingkang City, Shangguan Hong will first show up during the Valuable Toad Epidermis side quest. Once the quest is done she'll hang out in Pingkang, and if you raise her Affinity to 40 she'll invite you to help out in another side quest, Dance at Qingu Sect. You'll find Qingmu Sect to the north of Gusu City. Complete this side quest and you can Invite Hong into the party.

Once you've done this you can give Shangguan Hong more Gifts. Get her Affinity up to 70 and you'll unlock another side quest, Baidi Whirling Sword, which earns Hong a new move.

Shangguan Hong is a solid mid- to late-game character. The fact that she uses a sword already puts her ahead of many characters, and she learns a few powerful moves that others do not. Her only weakness is a somewhat lacklustre HP count, but the fact that she can hit at a range helps keep Hong out of danger.

Lü Xian'er, a recruit for your party in Wandering Sword.

Lü Xian'er

Located in Gusu City, Lü Xian'er is recruitable more or less immediately after you join Wudang Sect. Travel to the far east end of Gusu City to trigger her side quest, Husband Material, then follow Xian'er to Wutong Village to recruit her.

Lü Xian'er has two side quests - Four Martial Arts Families and Gallant Commandress - that you won't get to pursue until the latter half of Wandering Sword, as you need access to the western, autumnal section of the map. Completing these quests will earn you a powerful new move unique to Xian'er.

Lü Xian'er is a step up from Wei Hu in terms of usefulness, and her unique move makes her a decent choice for crowd control since she's a polearm user. Good for random encounters, less useful for boss battles.

Sima Ling, a midgame recruit in Wandering Sword.

Sima Ling

Encountered during Shangguan Hung's recruitment quests, Sima Ling is only unlockable once you complete Baidi Whirling Sword, Hong's 'optional' side quest. Speak to Sima Ling on the east side of Qingmu Sect once this is done to trigger her own side quest, Qingmu Sect History. Complete this, then return to Qingmu Sect and speak to her again for another side quest, Departure Test. Finishing up both quests will allow you to recruit Sima Ling once you pump her Affinity up to 60 or more.

Sima Ling has two further side quests - Koi in Jinli Village and A Dance in Gusu - which grant her access to a new move. Note that Shangguan Hong needs to be in the party to do either of these quests.

Sima Ling is a powerful saber fighter, outdoing Kong Liang in most respects and only falling a little short of Di Zui. She'll more than suffice in your party if you don't manage to recruit the monk, and even then she can power through the entire game for you.

Huo Changqing, a midgame recruit in Wandering Sword.

Huo Changqing

A capable swordswoman, Huo Changqing is available for recruitment after completing A Rainy Night in Gusu. Travel to Fancheng City, in the northwest of the map, and enter the inn. This will trigger Changqing's recruitment quest, The Misty Sword. Choose to follow Changqing to Chengjia Village, to the south, and help her fight a familiar enemy. Return to Fancheng City and you'll find her out on the street, ready to be recruited.

It's important to note that you must choose to help Huo Changqing, then follow her to Chengjia Village. If you turn down the opportunity you won't get another chance to recruit her.

Huo Changqing is a middling recruit. She does fairly well with her sword when you first get her, but her stats never get high enough to warrant using her over any of the mandatory swordsmen / women that join and leave the party on a regular basis. Still, if you like her character, Changqing is far from useless.

Leng Wuqing, a recurring character whom you can recruit late in Wandering Sword.

Leng Wuqing

To encounter Leng Wuqing you'll need to complete the Urgent Quest Tianlong Gang Spies. This unlocks a side quest to the east, Leijia Village, and then another after that, Prelude to Counterattack. Leng Wuqing will join your party a few times during this sequence, but he'll leave once they're done. Later in the game, after Lou Fuzhou's Ending and Siege of Mount Windless, you can meet Wuqing in Peach Blossom Forest and trigger his final side quest, Re-encounter with Wuqing. He'll join the party after all that.

Leng Wuqing is easily one of the best party members in Wandering Sword, fighting from afar with hidden weapons and hitting hard right from the start. He'll most likely take Bai Jin's place in your party. (Though, again, using both of them is hardly a bad thing.)

Ye Fei, a sometime antagonist who can join your party in Wandering Sword.

Ye Fei

Introduced as a recurring villain during Leng Wuqing's stretch of side quests, Ye Fei becomes recruitable once you've completed Prelude to Counterattack. Travel to Lotus Lake, south of Luo Village, and you'll find Ye Fei there. This triggers a short side quest, Lou Fuzhou's End, and once the quest is over you can Invite Ye Fei into the party.

It is important to note that Ye Fei will only linger at Lotus Lake until you've completed the main quest At Xungu Pass. After that point he disappears from the game. Make a point to nab him once you're done with Leng Wuqing's first two quests.

Ye Fei is a strong swordsman, and he has the physical stats to power you through the mid-game. His primary downside is a lack of HP, and he tends to go down a little too easily. Outfit Ye Fei with strong gear if you want him to last the entire game.

Li Yuanxing, a participant in a lengthy sidequest of Wandering Sword - and a potential party member.

Li Yuanxing

A polearm user, Li Yuanxing is a member of the Beggars' Sect in Tancheng City, south of Wudang Sect. To recruit him you need to complete the Siege of Mount Windless, then travel to Tancheng. Entering the city will automatically trigger a side quest, Soulwrecking Song - Overture, which puts you in a fight between the Beggars' Guild and Soulwrecking Bird, a member of Villain Valley. You need to complete the following quests:

Do all that and you'll unlock another side quest, Truth Revealed, which culminates in a final side quets: Battle with the Beggars' Sect. Complete all of the side missions listed above and Battle with the Beggars' Sect will play out differently than normal, and at the end you'll be able to Invite Li Yuanxing into the party. (He plays a major role in what happens.)

Li Yuanxing is statistically a bit better than Lü Xian'er when it comes to combat, but he doesn't get an 'ultimate' move. They're about the same as one another in the long run. (Honestly, I don't think polearms are all that good, so you're forgiven if you don't use either character.)

Yan Weihuan, one of the last characters you're likely to recruit in Wandering Sword.

Yan Weihuan

A former member of Beggars' Sect who is now on the run, Yan Weihuan plays a significant role in the events surrounding Beggars' Sect, listed under Li Yuanxing. To recruit Weihuan you need to get the 'good' ending of those quests, recruit Yuanxing, then complete Bird out of the Cage (which is basically just one big battle at the western Solitary Cloud Marsh Pier). Travel to Bramble Shade Forest, west of Wudang Sect, and you'll find Weihuan on the east side of the map. He'll join the party.

A fist fighter, Yan Weihuan is one of the better party members. He has high stats, good moves, and even without Meridian boosting does well in late-game fights. It's a tossup between him and Frosty Condor for best unarmed fighter in the game - or you can use both, and thrash everything in sight.

Frosty Condor, a late-game recruit in Wandering Sword.

Frosty Condor

A member of Condor School who will show up a number of times before you can recruit her, Frosty Condor plays a central role in the events surrounding Sweetspring Village. You can't reach the village until you've completed Birthday Banquet in Tianshui. This scenario begins with Sweet and Bitter Springs and ends with Approaching Battle, and can play out a number of ways - though once everything is done, you can travel south to Condor School and recruit Frosty Condor for good, by fighting her master.

It's important to note that you apparently can't recruit Frosty Condor if you wait too long to visit Condor School. Just to be safe you should pic her up immediately after you complete Approaching Battle.

Frosty Condor fights with her fists, but has a number of ranged attacks right off the bat that make her a powerful, versatile character. Like Yan Weihuan she's one of the best characters you can recruit, and will likely remain in your party for the end-game sections.

Di Zui, the last party member you can recruit in Wandering Sword - and easily one of the most powerful.

Di Zui

By far the most difficult character to recruit in Wandering Sword, Di Zui requires most of the game to properly set up. For starters, you need to recruit the following characters before even beginning his recruitment scenario:

  • Kong Liang (you first meet Di Zui during this mission)
  • Leng Wuqing
  • Li Yuanxing
  • And, if you want to see everything, Yan Weihuan (this is probably optional, but getting Yan Weihuan does make what follows a bit easier)
Like Frosty Condor, Di Zui plays a major role in the events surrounding Sweetspring Village, beginning in Sweet and Bitter Springs. While working in the village you need to boost your Affinity with a mercenary named Wan Biao as much as you can (just speak to him whenever you return to the village). You also need to visit four nearby locations, which is part of the main quest.

Visit Bitterwater Village either before or after you infiltrate the Badlands Stronghold in the quest of the same name. This triggers a side quest involving Di Zui, Revisit Bitterwater Village, that unveils what's really happening in this whole scenario. By the end of it Di Zui will temporarily join the party, and will help you during Approaching Battle. Follow him to Bitterwater Village after the big battle in Skylinemont to aid Di Zui in one final fight. (It's difficult, but fortunately you don't have to win.)

Assuming you did all this correctly, Di Zui will hit 50 Affinity by the time you leave Sweetspring Village. Head to the Shaolin Temple, northeast of Wutong Village, and you'll find Di Zui in his usual spot on the west side of the temple, among a bunch of stone sculptures. Speak to him here and you'll get the last boost of Affinity needed to hit 60, which allows you to recruit the monk into the party. Phew.

As for whether all that was worth doing... yes. Di Zui is an excellent party member right from the beginning. A party of Yi, Di Zui, Yan Weihuan, Frosty Condor, and Leng Wuqing should slaughter the rest of the game for you. Enjoy!

Main Walkthrough