Location: Pingkang City
Petitioner: Chen Linxi
Prerequisite: Complete The Childe's Invitation
Reward: None

In order to trigger this side quest you must first meet, and defeat, Chen Linxi. He's found in Pingkang City, and is the focus of The Childe's Invitation side quest. Once you've fought Linxi several times you'll be able to give him Gifts. Get him up to 40 Affinity and he'll ask for your help in an investigation. Agree and he'll join the party, which triggers Frozen Corpse in Beishan.

Chen Linxi's special move involves freezing people, and it appears that a copycat is using a similar move to murder folks in Beishan Village. He wants to check it out. The route to Beishan is not too tricky:
  • Leave Pingkang City and travel west, until you see a bridge
  • Cross the bridge to the north and travel up to Liushan School
  • Travel west of Liushan School until you reach Beishan Village

Travel north through Beishan and you'll see a Liushan School Constable next to a body. Approach and Linxi will automatically speak to the Constable. Inspect the corpse more closely once the Constable is done talking. The group will make several dramatic leaps in logic, then decide they need to pursue the investigator in charge of the case. You'll need to offer a response, both of which lead to the same conclusion, though criticizing Linxi will cause your Affinity with him to drop a bit. (If your Affinity with Linxi is above 70, you should do this. You'll understand why in the next quest of his storyline.)

If you decide to convince Linxi to pursue the case your next destination will be Fancheng City. The city is the next stop to the west of Beishan Village. Once inside you'll hear cries in the streets. Go south at your first opportunity, then west. You'll run into the investigator, Zhan Wuxing, and after some conversation he'll identify the murderer. Everyone will split up to find him, removing Linxi from the party.

Head to the northwest of Fancheng City to trigger a cut scene. Fight time.

Zhou Hu

If you're coming here straight from your first trip to Pingkang City you may find Zhou Hu to be more than you bargained for. He has a lot of HP for early in Wandering Sword, and can hit quite hard. Zhou Hu uses the following attacks:
  • A normal punch
  • A single-target rock strike
  • Frosty Palm Strike, an AOE attack that inflicts Frost to slow its targets
Zhou Hu can also use Combos, if you're unlucky, and his hits are hard enough to chew through a character's health.

As with most many-on-one battles you want to surround Zhou Hu from the start, but try to keep most of your characters at a bit of a distance. His Frosty Palm Strike is quite painful, and will do a number on your team. Use moves that hit from at least two spaces away, and keep rotating around so you're hitting Zhou Hu's rear and flanks. As long as you have three or more party members you should outlast Zhou Hu.

You'll receive a weapon, Cold Iron Knuckles, and the Tablet-Throwing Palm manual for defeating Zhou Hu.

Zhan Wuxing will appear shortly after the fight, and he and Yi will decide that Zhou Hu is not the man they're looking for. Wuxing will join the party for a bit. Head back towards the eastern gate, along the northern street, to trigger a cut scene. You now have two options, though they only raise Affinity for the person you're defending. (Unless you don't care about Linxi, I highly suggest not defending him.)

The quest ends with Wuxing leaving the party and Linxi heading back to Pingkang City on his own. Return there and speak to him to trigger another side quest, Kylin Child in Pingkang.