Location: Pingkang City
Petitioner: Chen Linxi (sort of)
Prerequisite: Begin Trip in Pingkang
Reward: Ghost Claws Advanced Blueprint, Frosty Palm Strike manual, Exquisite Coins, Note of Calligraphy Highlights, Martial Arts Thoughts

Another character recruitment quest - those are always welcome - The Childe's Invitation is a bit strange to get started. To trigger the quest you need to travel to Pingkang City, west of Wutong Village, and visit the Pingkang Martial Club. The club is south of the entrance. Inside you'll see a man named Chen Linxi, the shifu, who seems recruitable... only he'll turn down any gifts. Hrm.

Speak to Linxi, then turn around and leave Pingkang City. When you reenter you'll find an argument in progress between a constable and one of Linxi's students. Get involved in the situation and Linxi will arrive to settle the dispuse. He'll also invite Yi to visit his Martial Club, which gets the ball rolling on the side quest.

Speak to Chen Linxi inside the Martial Club. He'll cordially invite Yi to Spar... with his two subordinates. You'll have to face the Junior Disciple twice, then the Senior Disciple twice, one after the other. None of these four fights are particularly difficult, though don't forget to heal if you take any damage. Once they're done, speak to Linxi - and make sure you save before fighting, as these battles are for keeps.

Chen Linxi

Linxi is quite a bit tougher than either of his subordinates, though he uses some familiar moves. Expect the following attacks from Chen Linxi:
  • Close-range punches
  • A ranged energy attack
  • Frost Palm Strike, which inflicts Frost to decrease Qi and MP replenishment speed
This battle goes like most Spars. Let Linxi come to you, get in the first hit, then move around him and attack his flanks and back. This will allow you to maximize your damage without exposing your own back. Heal as needed with Cultivation Methods. Keep in mind that Frost will slow Yi down enough that Linxi might get in two moves before you can use one, which at low health can prove deadly - especially if he also hits you with a Combo.

You'll likely receive a decent-powered weapon for beating Chen Linxi. That isn't the end, of course, and when you speak to him again you'll battle Linxi and full strength. He fights the same as before, just hits harder and takes longer to defeat. The same strategy will work so long as you're cautious.

All done? Nope. Linxi appears to be nastier than he seems, and will immediately bring his disciples in to attack Yi. This fight is much tougher, as you have no help whatsoever. (Originally you started off with all your damage from the previous fight, but they seem to have patched that.) Use Lightness so you can escape if things get rough, then move around the arena and hit the enemies at a distance. If possible you want to wipe out the Junior Disciple, then the Senior Disciple, then Linxi. Five Immortals' Mental Sutra is a godsend in this battle.

If you manage to fend off all three enemies you'll complete the quest, and earn a nice reward in the process. At this point you can give Linxi Gifts, and if you give him enough - he really likes weapons - you'll trigger a side quest, Frozen Corpse in Beishan. Linxi will join the party once you accept the quest.

Important note: It's possible to lose Linxi as a party member in the coming quests if you push his Affinity too high. Only boost his Affinity enough to recruit him, and keep it below 70.