Part 9: Trip in Pingkang

Main Walkthrough

After saving the wife of a habitual gambler and returning to Wudang Sect, Yi is given a new mission: Investigate Mr. Li, the richest man in Pingkang. Fortunately, he won't be alone on this mission, as Yi's shifu decides to send two very capable men along. You'll need to collect them on your way out:

  • First is Mowen, who is standing right outside Wudang Sect's main temple. He'll give you Lanling Liquor, Jinchuang Ointment, and Martial Arts Thoughts, then join the party.
  • Second is Moqi, who is standing in the northwest of the Swordplay Platform to the south. He won't give you anything besides his usual youthful exhuberance, though having him in the party is good enough.

Walk a little ways west into Pingkang to trigger a cut scene. The group will suggest consulting three different sources for information:

  • First is the inn, which is right next to the entrance of Pingkang. Speak to Mr. Guo, the old man on the left side of the ground floor. He'll point you towards Mr. Li's home, on north street, and pass on some gossip.
  • Next is the Pingkang Herb Shop, the furthest left of a row of three houses in the east of Pingkang. Zhang, the owner, claims to have heard a woman weeping near Mr. Li's home.
  • Last is Wang Youcai, a rich man who spends his days just north of the blacksmith's shop. He'll discuss Mr. Li's, ah, virility.

The group discusses their findings after speaking to all three NPCs, and decide to check out Mr. Li's home. You'll find it on north street, down the central street in the middle of Pingkang. Enter north street and you'll find a conversation underway, and once it is done Mowen will leave Yi and Moqi to handle a group of thugs. They're relatively small-fry, though their numbers can be a problem. Use Lightness if you're only using two characters and do your best to avoid getting surrounded.

This battle shouldn't give you any trouble. The one that follows, however...

Jue Wuxin

Ah, the man with the polearm is back. Wuxin has four Liushan School Constables with him this time - but, fortunately, you have your whole team, along with Mowen. Jue Wuxin uses the following moves:

  • An AOE attack
  • An AOE ranged attack

Unless you've been doing a lot of side quests your 'normal' party will have trouble with Wuxin, so send Mowen in to keep him busy while everyone else handles the Constables. They're pretty weak. Peppering Wuxin with ranged attacks from the sides will keep him from smashing everyone with his AOEs.

Mr. Li will attempt to flee after the battle. You have two options: Kill Mr. Li or knock him out. If you knock him out you'll gain some Affinity with Jue Wuxin, but otherwise things go pretty much the same. After the fight you'll receive Lan's Jade Bracelent from Lan, the woman the group saved.

Return to Wudang Sect and report in at Sanqing Hall. The following cut scene will go differently3 depending on that final choice. You'll also receive a reward: A Jinxian Crown, the Ghost Claws Advanced Blueprint, Martial Arts Notes2,000 coins, and 380 Wudang Sect Affiliation Credits. You'll also gain Affinity with one of the two shifus, depending on who approved of your decision.

Mowen and Moqi will leave the party after the meeting. Head west towards the dorms - note the chest along the way, normally not available during the day, that contains Jinchuang Ointment and Martial Arts Thoughts -  to trigger a cut scene, which deepens Yi's bond with Mowen and ends the quest. Your next goal is to reach a new plateau of influence in Wudang Sect - and, perhaps, to learn Mowen's Preference, a side quest that's all about your buddy.

Part 11: Become Elite Disciple

Main Walkthrough