Main Walkthrough

Location: Wudang Sect
Prerequisite: Complete Revisit Pingkang
Petitioner: None
Reward: Varies; see below

This side quest comes as a consequence of completing enough of the main storyline. Partway through the game you'll investigate some shady dealings in Pingkang, and once you catch the mastermind - or one of them, anyway - you'll be sent back to Wudang Sect. After meeting with Mowen that evening Yi will decide to repay his friend, which triggers Mowen's Preference.

To proceed with this quest you need to speak to three NPCs:

  • Moqi, who is in his usual spot in the northwest corner of the Swordplay Platform
  • Yuanqi, who is teaching in the middle of the Swordplay Platform
  • Yuanchen, who is at the top of the stairs that connect the main area of Wudang Sect with the Disciple's Dorms

By speaking to these three NPCs Yi will learn a bit more about Mowen. You now have three possible gifts that you can get for him.


If you decide to get Mowen a sword you'll need to find a White Light Sword. Once you reach this part of the game they become frequent drops from enemies, but if you simply don't have one you have a few options:

  • Look for human enemies, such as bandits, and defeat them until one drops a White Light Sword
  • Buy one from a blacksmith, such as the fellow in Fancheng City, to the northwest
  • Forge one yourself
  • Spar with any NPC who has one in their inventory and hope they drop it

Present the sword to Mowen, outside Sanqing Hall. He's... underwhelmed, but will give you Martial Arts Thoughts and 1,000 coins.


If you decide to get Mowen tea you'll need to find some Tea Cake. There are three types you can buy - Yangxian, Shuangjing, and Huawa - and they're all available at the huge, outdoor teahouse at the far east end of Gusu City. Each of them costs 1,000 coins. You'll find Gusu City in the far southeast of the world map, in a sizable area just east of Wild Boar Woods. Speak to the Teahouse Owner to buy the Tea Cakes.

Mowen seems to react the same regardless of the Tea Cake you get him, and will give you Martial Arts Thoughts and 1,000 coins. in exchange.

Board Game

If you decide to get Mowen the board game you'll have to head to Chengjia Village. It's located more or less directly west of Wudang Sect, across a bridge and on a little plot of land by itself. In the north of the village you'll find a fellow named Lu Boxiao, and he'll challenge you to a game of Liubo for 3,000 coins. The game does not go in Boxiao's favor...

... and you'll need to beat him up. This is a Sparring match between Yi and Boxiao, and the sore loser is a pretty standard opponent. As long as you can outlast 2,000 HP of damage you should be fine. Afterward the pair will play another round, and you'll earn the Liubo Game. The quest ends with you earning 20 Affinity with Mowen.

Main Walkthrough