Main Walkthrough

Location: Beishan Village
Petitioner: Cripple Taoist
Reward: 500 Martial Points

Once you gain access to the world map you can visit Beishan Village at any time. You are most likely to find this place, however, during the Frozen Corpse in Beishan side quest. Either way, Beishan Village is in the northwest of the map, not a terribly far walk from Pingkang City.

The petitioner for this quest is the oddly-named Cripple Taoist, whom you'll find in the northwest of the village, more or less at the end of the path through Beishan. Yi will sense that the man is more than he seems, despite his professed immobility, and if you push the matter too much you'll be facing a battle.

Cripple Taoist

So much for being immobile. The Cripple Taoist is a powerful opponent early in the game, and Yi will have to face him alone. He uses the following attacks:
  • A ranged swirling strike
  • A line shockwave attack
  • Tai Chi Swordplay, an AOE attack
As long as Yi has around the same amount of HP as the Cripple Taoist (a little over 2,000) you can win this fight. Stay on his sides or rear and use your most powerful attacks. At most the Cripple Taoist should do around 300 HP with his attacks, and so long as you can outdo that - as well as use Cultivation Methods to heal - you should be okay.

You'll receive a good weapon for defeating the Cripple Taoist, and the quest will end.