Location: Beishan Village
Petitioner: Sun Ergou
Reward: Fanyang Straw Hat

Once you gain access to the world map you can visit Beishan Village at any time. You are most likely to find this place, however, during the Frozen Corpse in Beishan side quest. Either way, Beishan Village is in the northwest of the map, not a terribly far walk from Pingkang City.

The petitioner for this quest is Sun Ergou, a man who's standing outside a hut in the north of Beishan Village. He wants ten pieces of Raw Meat, and suggests that the Precipice, an outdoor dungeon to the northwest of Beishan Village, would serve as a good place to collect it.

Sun Ergou isn't wrong that you can collect Raw Meat from the Precipice. That said, the Rabid Bears that you can fight there are quite powerful, even compared to other enemies on the Precipice. They're also way up the hill, and you'll need to do a lot of climbing and fighting to get to them. Still, if you want, you can go fight the Rabid Bears...

...  or you can get Raw Meat from a different source. You can also harvest Raw Meat from other animals of the furry type, and the easiest to kill are the Wild Boars in Wild Boar Forest, south of Luo Village. (There's even a decent chance you've already collected ten pieces of Raw Meat.)

Bring Raw Meat back to Sun Ergou - wherever you got it - to collect your reward.