Location: The Precipice
Petitioner: Bai Jin
Reward: Serpent Awl Advanced Blueprint, Swift Switch, Bear Gallbladders

Upon completion of Bai Jin's second side quest he will propose taking a trip to a place called the Precipice. Jin is a sucker for nice scenery, and he wants to see what the Precipice has to offer. The Precipice is a long way from Petalsfall Forest, where the last quest left off:
  • Travel back northwest to Pingkang City
  • Travel northwest, across two bridges, to Liushan School
  • Travel west to Beishan Village
  • Look for a mountain path to the northwest of Beishan, then travel north along the path to find the Precipice

Upon arrival Yi and Jin will banter a bit about the scenery before discovering that the area is lousy with Greenwood Robbers. Jin wants to question them. Defeat five of the bandits - they have over 2,000 HP on average, so don't take them lightly - and Jin will begin an interrogation. It appears that these guys came to check on rumors of a treasure on the Precipice. Jin wants to look into the treasure...

... but first, to the top of the Precipice. This area is rather lengthy, so you'll be climbing quite a bit after you've defeated your five bandits. Still, the way forward is pretty clear-cut: Every time you see a hill leading further upward, take it. The enemies get stronger as you go along - a Poacher and Rabid Bears make things sort of hairy near the top - but you can pretty easily avoid any foe you like.

You'll know you've reached the top when you see a curved tree on your right. A cut scene follows when you approach the tree, and Jin will discuss his philosophy regarding thievery. You have two options during the discussion, though it doesn't seem to matter which one you choose. The quest ends here... though now you have to walk back down the Precipice. Have fun!