Location: Petalsfall Forest
Petitioner: Bai Jin
Prerequisite: Complete Return to Mount Wanzi
Reward: Double Hit, Martial Arts Thoughts

After the... heist...? ... on Mount Wanzi, the reckless Bai Jin will disappear. Before leaving, however, he'll invite Yi to meet him in Petalsfall Forest. This triggers the next side quest in Bai Jin's story, Serpent and Plum Liquor. Petalsfall Forest is a long way from Yuo Village, so you'll need to do some walking:
  • Head west to Pingkang City
  • Cross the bridge next to Pingkang City, then head south
  • Go southeast once you pass the Monkey Woods
  • Cross the bridge near Jinli Village
  • Head for the lovely pink forest on your left on the other side of the bridge

Bai Jin is waiting just inside the entrance to Petalsfall Forest. Jin will discuss - at great length - the process of creating truly great liquor, and he tasks Yi with fetching five samples of Plum Liquor. You're headed back to the world map for this one.

Your next destination is Tancheng City. Fortunately, this trip doesn't take nearly as long, since Tancheng City is east down the road from the forest, then south. Visit the inn (northwest end of the city) and speak to the innkeeper, Hong, to discover that he has Plum Liquor on sale. 800 coins per bottle is not a small fee, but you should have enough money by now to afford five of them. If not, start selling things until you can afford 4,000 coins.

Bring the five Plum Liquors to Bai Jin to trigger a cut scene. It goes well... at first... and then veers offroad, as members of the Beggars' Sect show up to drag Bai Jin away for his apparent crimes. If you decide to trust Bai Jin during the conversation a fight will break out.

Qian Miu

Once again, Yi and Jin will be fighting alone in this battle. Fortunately, it isn't too bad. Qian Miu and his two Beggars' Sect Disciples stick to mundane (if painful) close-range attacks, making them fairly easy prey for Jin. Use Lightness on Jin so he can dance away from the enemies and hit them from afar while Yi stays up front and endures most of the abuse. These guys can still hit fairly hard, so Yi shouldn't stand his ground too much until you're down to a single opponent.

You'll receive Boiled Fish and Crisp-Bone Fish for winning the fight. You'll also receive the Double Hit manual and Martial Arts Thoughts, and if you speak to Bai Jin again you can Invite him to join the party... assuming you get his Affinity up to 70. (The fish you just received should do the trick.) Last, you'll unlock another side quest for Bai Jin: Precipice Scenery.