Part 5: Tempest Stockade Rescue

Main Walkthrough

On the advice of the innkeeper's assistance in Luo Village, Yi is now headed to the Wudang Sect for assistance. The Wudang Sect is a bit of a walk from Luo Village, though not terribly far. Head west along the main road until you pass Pingkang City, then cross the nearby bridge and continue west a little ways. Wudang Sect is on top of a mountain.

Unsurprisingly, the members of the sect are suspicious of Yi's identity, and stop him at the front gate. You have three options when identifying Yi, though only 'A friend of Jiang Yinfeng' will get you anywhere. A young man named Mowen will swoop in and save the day, and your Affinity with him will rise... but not so much with the other man, Yuanming, who stopped Yi at the door.


What a jerk. Yuanming challenges Yi to a Sparring match, and there's nothing you can do but fight him one-on-one. Yuanming uses the following attacks:

  • A sword slice
  • A ranged shockwave attack
  • A whirlwind AOE attack
Fortunately you just need to survive for a few rounds. If you're weak you can run from Yuanming until the battle ends. Otherwise, just trade blows.

Master Qingxu will break up the fight, and the cut scene that follows will fill Qingxu in on what he's missed. You'll get to ask a few questions, and once all that's done Yi will join Wudang Sect. Well done! Now that you've joined the sect you need to be initiated, though there are a few things you can gather from the grounds:
  • Pop back inside the Disciples' Dorm. Next to Yi's bed is a chest containing Chuanxiong and Buguzhi.
  • Check the left side of the Disciples' Dorm, past the group of trainees. Down the back alley between the building and the outer walls is a chest that contains Satin, Honey, Copper Armor, and a Mountain Ridge Swordplay manual.
  • Go up the stairs to the right of the Disciples' Dorm. You'll find a building with three people out front. On the left side of the building is a chest containing a Twin Phoenixes Crown, Iron Ore, and a Brocade.
  • Climb the stairs near this second building and you'll wind up near a third, and Master Qingxiao will be outside. Check the chest to the left of this building to receive The Reclusive Life, Jinchuang Ointment, and Martial Arts Notes.
  • Return to the Disciples' Dorm, then use the stairs in the south to return to the entrance of Wudang Sect. Check the northeast corner of the lowest training area to find a chest containing a White Light Sword, Silver Ore, Coal, and Martial Arts Notes.

That's all for now. There are stairs to the north of the entrance that will bring you up to Sanqing Hall. Head inside and Yi will officially be inducted into the sect. At this point Mowen will show you around the grounds more, and order you to speak to a few people. You'll receive the Wudang Lightness Skill manual, the New Disciple's Nameplate, the Wudang Robe (and a change of appearance), a Confusion Incense Spagirism, and a Conscience Sword. You'll also gain Affinity with the various higher-ups of Wudang Sect, though you'll need to agree with Master Qingxiao if you want any of his approval. Last, you'll receive the Wudang Cultivation Method, a staple for all members of the sect (and an easy way to power up Yi).

By the end you'll be in a sparring yard. What else would you do besides Spar?


Moqi fights the same as Yuanming from earlier - he's just tougher, and this fight goes until one of you runs out of HP. Stay on his sides and heal as necessary. Don't worry about winning, just do the best you can.

After the battle ends, one way or another, another quest will get in your way: Head to Qinghe Village. Mowen will join the party for this excursion, and he's quite powerful compared to Yi, so this should be a cakewalk... right?

One last thing before you leave Wudang Sect. To the east of the Swordplay Platform, in the middle of the teaching grounds, is Daomiao, one of the masters. Approach him and he'll teach you about Consulting, which allows you to learn moves from other characters - assuming you have a high enough Affinity with them. He'll give you a manual for your chosen weapon, the Wudang Long Fist manual, and a Master's Notes.

It is worth noting that the game opens up substantially at this point, and now that he's a member of Wudang Sect Yi can enter the grounds of various other sects throughout the world. It also unlocks several side quests, the most notable of which is The Past is the Past, in Yanfu Town. This side quest is the only one that's time-limited, and will earn you a new party member, so I highly recommend you head northeast to Yanfu Town and get this quest done before doing anything else.

Part 7: Qinghe Village Case

Main Walkthrough