Part 4: Search in Luo Village

Main Walkthrough

After a quick trip to the dungeons Yi is ready for battle, and he's now accompanied by a powerful guest: The mysterious Girl in Red. Bloodthirsty to the core, the Girl in Red will stick around your party until you've checked out Mount Wanzi.

It is worth noting that the Girl in Red will stay with you wherever you go until you complete this next section. This means that you can take her along to complete side quests in other towns, such as back in Luo Village, or explore dungeon areas that are otherwise out of your league. If you want to slightly break the early parts of the game and level up Yi, the Girl in Red can help you out.

Mount Wanzi - Enemies

  • Bandit
  • Bandit Leader
  • Bandit Marksman
  • Bandit Saberman
  • Leader
Mount Wanzi - Drops
  • Beggar's Chicken
  • Bining Liquor
  • Bloodstone
  • Dragonhead Saber
  • Gloss Silver Armor
  • Lihue Staff
  • Linen
  • Piercing Awl
  • Refined Boxing Gloves
  • Twin Phoenixes Crown
  • White Light Sword
As you head east through Mount Wanzi you'll run into the occasional Bandit. Thanks to the Girl in Red these guys don't stand much of a chance against your party. Let them approach, then use the Girl in Red's superior speed to slip in behind them and slice them up with a Martial Art of your choice. Piece of cake. The Bandit Marksmen may cause a bit more trouble with their ranged attacks, but not much. Use a Lightness skill to catch up with them if they try to run.

If you check the sides of the path on Mount Wanzi you'll find Coal, Copper Ore, Narcissus, and Baishao. There are also a few chests for you to open:
  • On the right side of a house you'll see some Baishao growing, just before you go up some stairs. Next to the Baishao is the faint glimmer of a hidden chest. Open the chest to receive Gancao, Baishao, and a Refined Breath Pill.
  • The path splits as you go east, and if you stick to the south you'll find a back alley with a Leader. He's tough, but the Girl in Red is much tougher. Let her engage the Leader while Yi and your other companions attack from the sides. You may receive a Jinxian Crown, a Serpent SpearPeachirosa, and / or The Chinese Landscape for defeating the Leader, and if you check the end of the alley he was guarding you'll find a chest. The chest contains Goose Eye Coins, Martial Arts Notes, and Refined Spirit Pills.
  • In the north you'll see a Bandit Leader near a house. (Note the distinction between him and the Leader.) He's not quite as strong as the Leader, and may drop Qiu Loong Boxing Gloves, a Calligraphy Collection, Martial Arts Notes, or a Red Copper Saber. Check the chest on the right side of the house that he's guarding for a Dragonhead Saber, Gold Ore, and a Dragonhead Saber Advanced Blueprint.

Wander far enough east and you'll spot two Bandits. Trying to approach them will trigger a cut scene. Head a bit further east once the scene ends and you'll find a path leading southeast. Follow it and you'll run into a Bandit Leader and a few mooks who are watching over some kids in a jail cell. Take them out - it's the same fight as the other Leaders you've fought, more or less - to discover that you need a key. Check the chest to the right of the cell for Linen, Satin, Weeporchid, and Martial Arts Thoughts.

Head back the way you came and go down the path that was previously guarded. It still is, though now you're facing a Bandit Leader and a bunch of his cronies. The fight is the same as the previous Leader battles, though there are more 'normal' Bandits helping him. If you're having trouble (unlikely) you have a great AOE weapon in Yi's Five Immortals' Mental Sutra, which also heals him. Still, the Girl in Red can probably handle this whole battle on her own.

After the fight the Girl in Red will give Yi Jinchuang Ointment and Lanling Liquor. Take her suggestion to heal your party seriously, as you're about to get into quite the brawl.

Mountain Leopard

Hoo boy, that's a lot of enemies. The Mountain Leopard leads a small army of Bandits, and you'll need to wipe them all out to win this battle. The Mountain Leopard uses the following attacks:
  • A normal slice
  • A ranged slice
  • Starlight Saberplay, an AOE attack
The battlefield is split into two, with melee opponents on your right and Bandit Marksmen on your left. Retreat to the left to start and quickly wipe out as many of the Marksmen as you can. Lightness will help you reach them before the melee combatants start to gang up on you. Once that's done, move slowly around the field, keeping your characters close to each other, and wipe out any fighters that approach. You don't want anyone to get surrounded - though if this does happen, try to save a few AOE attacks so you can carve a path out. Even the Girl in Red will have trouble surviving if she gets hit too often.

The Mountain Leopard himself is, unsurprisingly, the most powerful opponent. If he gets behind a character they are going to take a lot of damage, and his ability to hit at a range makes him a terrible opponent. Move your characters around to avoid him until you've defeated most of the mooks - there should be two or three left, tops - then team up on him. The Girl in Red can take the Mountain Leopard down, but she needs space to get the job done.

You'll potentially receive a Gold Helmet and a Caltrop for defeating the Mountain Leopard and his buddies. Yi's Affinity for the Girl in Red will rise, and you'll receive the Dungeon Key. Check the chest on the right side of the battlefield for a weapon and a manual that match Yi's weapon choice earlier in the game, then head back to the jail cell you spotted earlier. The kids inside will be freed, but... there's no sign of Xiaotong. The Girl in Red will take her leave, giving you the Xuanhuo Saberplay manual in the process.

At this point you'll be joined by three kids: Wang Yu, Li Jing, and Zhao Chengwang. All are low-level, and can't be deployed, so... not much help. Lead them out of Mount Wanzi the way you came in. Once you're back in Luo Village Yi will be recognized as a hero, and during the banquet that follows you'll receive Ginger, Rock Candy, Flour, and 5,000 coins. Next stop: Wudang Sect, to the west.

There's one more thing to note before you leave Luo Village, however. Right by the entrance you'll see a new NPC, a guy by the name of Bai Jin. This paticular NPC is recruitable... though first you need to spar and defeat him. This begins the Return to Mount Wanzi side quest, which you should do before you leave. Bai Jin can fill the spot the Girl in Red left behind, even if he's not quite as good.

Part 6: Seek Help From Wudang and Joining Wudang

Main Walkthrough