With Jiang Yinfeng gone and his daughter kidnapped, it's up to Yuwen Yi - and anyone he decides to bring along from Wutong Village - to set out into the world and save the day. Your next destination is Luo Village, to the southeast of Wutong Village. You can leave Wutong via the southwestern exit to reach the world map...

... though before you do, you may want to check around quick. There are several new side quests you can undertake before heading elsewhere: The Woodsman's Axe, The Villagers' Dilemma, A Mother's Love, Snake Trouble, and Rotten Vines, Withered Trees, Evening Crows. That'll keep you busy for a while.

Once you do leave Wutong Village you'll be confronted with an enormous world map. You can't visit every location - a lot of them are locked off by the plot - but you can explore a lot of places that aren't currently important, and get ahead of the game a bit. This is all well and good for villages and cities, but if you walk into any wilderness dungeons you will probably get your butt kicked. Make sure you save before entering any unfamiliar locations.

Make the trip to Luo Village and you'll immediately be accosted by one of the workers' from the inn, who will convince Yi to step inside if he wants information. It's as good a place to start as any, especially since your access to the rest of Luo is limited. Speak to Li Hao, the innkeeper, to trigger a cut scene that will point you back out of the village.

That's all for Luo Village, though it would be a waste to just leave and not poke around for a bit. We'll start with Luo Village's NPCs:
  • Unsurprisingly, you can rest at the inn. On the second floor you'll find a merchant with a range of basic manuals which probably won't interest you all that much.
  • There are three NPCs within quick walking distance of the inn, each of which has a side quest: Wei the Physician, Mrs. Yang, and Ms. Liu. Check them out if you want some quick, relatively painless side content. You'll also run into Bai Xiaosheng near here, if you spoke to him in Wutong Village, and he's as cryptic as before.
  • To the east of the inn you'll find Chen the Blacksmith, who has some new weapons that will allow you to expand your combat options.

And, of course, you should have a look around for items while you're here:
  • Check the bedroom on the second floor of the inn. There's a chest next to the merchant that contains Poached Spicy Pork Slices, Ginger, and Cress.
  • Check the vegetable fields in the south of Luo Village. Next to Mrs. Liu is a chest containing Linen, a Shabby Pouch, and Martial Arts Notes.
  • In the east of Luo Village are several NPCs. Next to Wang Dazui is a chest containing Silver Ore, Copper Ore, Coal, and a Gloss Silver Armor Advanced Blueprint.
Yep, that's all for Luo Village. Pretty quaint. You can leave the village via the eastern and western exits. Go east, as your next destination is a short walk east...

... where, after a quick confrontation, you'll be tossed into the dungeon of a bandit's camp, regardless of how you try to get out of the situation. The cell won't keep Yi locked away for long, however, and you'll need to take out a pair of bandits to truly escape. As long as you've been using up your Martial Points and Meridian Points you should be more than capable of wiping these guys out.

Look to the left of the cell to find a chest containing some Jinchuang Ointment, a Giantwood Pill, and a Two-Time Refined Spirit Pill Spagirism. Head outside and you'll find the bandits dead... and their killer will decide to wipe you out as well.

Girl in Red

Yeesh, tough. The Girl in Red isn't messing around, and will be too strong for your party. Just let her mow you down. After the fight she'll realize that Yi isn't actually a threat, and... join the group for a while? Score!