Location: Luo Village
Petitioner: Mrs. Yang
Reward: Piercing Awl, Martial Arts Notes

One of the handful of side quests found in Luo Village, Harvest Season is triggered by speaking to Mrs. Yang. She's the elderly lady standing just north of the fields in the south of the village. 

Mrs. Yang is eager for news from her son, who went off to bigger living in the city - and doesn't seem to be sending his mother any letters. She needs help gathering Wheat, and no one will pitch in. You can offer to assist her with this task.

Mrs. Yang's Wheat is growing down the stairs from where she's standing and on the west side of the vegetable fields. Gather five sheafs of Wheat for the old lady, then bring it back to her for your reward. The Piercing Awl you receive may be the first Hidden Weapon you've found, so if you're interested in that skill branch you won't want to ignore it.