Location: Luo Village
Petitioner: Ms. Liu
Reward: Martial Arts Notes, Two-Time Refined Essence Pill, 500 coins

One of a few side quests that triggers on its own, Wild Boar in the Village will come to your attention if you enter the vegetable fields in the south of Luo Village. As you climb down the stairs to the fields you'll hear a scream, and you'll see the petitioner, Ms. Liu, staring down a Lone Wild Boar.

Speak to Ms. Liu and she'll yell at you to drive the Lone Wild Boar away. It's sitting amongst the tomatoes to the east of Ms. Liu. Walk up to the Lone Wild Boar and speak to it to trigger a battle. This boar is much weaker than the Wild Boars you'll fight in the Wild Boar Woods, so if you've been there already and expect a tough fight here you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Wipe out the Lone Wild Boar, then speak to Ms. Liu for your reward. Nuthin' to it.