Location: Luo Village
Petitioner: Wei the Physician
Reward: Healthcare Method

The first side quest you'll encounter in Luo Village, A Technique to Prolong Life, is triggered by speaking to Wei, the village's physician. He's standing a short walk south of the inn, and is near impossible to miss when you enter Luo Village.

Wei will tell Yi that he is gathering Qi, and that he has a surefire healthcare method that keeps him going in his old age. He'll offer to teach it to Yi - so long as you gather some herbs for the old guy. You'll need to collect two different types of herbs, and both of them are found in the Wild Boar Woods.

Wild Boar Woods is located to the south of Luo Village. To reach it you'll need to head west of the village until you hit a southbound path. Follow the path as it winds to the southeast and you'll eventually spot some Wild Boars. The path near the boars leads into the woods.

The Wild Boars that frequent Wild Boar Woods are quite dangerous if you're coming here early in the game. To get around the threat they pose you can hold off on this quest until you visit Mount Wanzi, which is a quick walk east of Luo Village. After a quick battle you'll encounter a Girl in Red, and she'll join the party after mopping the floor with Yi. The Girl in Red is more than strong enough to handle the Wild Boars, and will stick with you until you complete more of the main story.

The two herbs are in the following locations in Wild Boar Woods:
  • The easier of the two herbs to locate is Bughuzi. There are several of them growing on the edges of the central clearing in the woods. Look a little ways west of the chest on the north end of the clearing to find one.
  • The trickier herb to find is Dihuang. They look similar to Bughuzi, but you'll need to go through more Wild Boars to get at them. The easier one to grab is along the northern path that bends back south when you head west. The Dihuang is at the northwestern bend.
Bring both herbs back to Wei to earn your reward. The Healthcare Method he gives you is a Cultivation Technique, so don't forget to pump your Martial Points into it to strengthen Yi.