Location: Wutong Village
Petitioner: Mrs. Xue the Tailor
Prerequisite: Complete Cave Fight
Reward: Martial Arts Notes, Sesame Pancakes, Cloud-Nine Nectar, 1,500 coins

One of several side quests that unlock after you've traversed the Cave in the Mountain, you won't spot A Mother's Love until after you've completed the main quest Cave Fight and begun your journey. The petitioner, Mrs. Xue, is located on the west side of Wutong Village, in front of the house to the left of the inn.

Mrs. Xue's son has been working hard to get into the military, and she's been helping pay his way. Unfortunately she has fallen ill, and needs something called 'Dihuang' to ease the elements raging in her body. She asks you to bring her some Dihuang. Speak to Mrs. Xue again and she'll direct you to Wild Boar Woods, to the south of Wutong Village.

Leave Wutong Village, follow the road west a ways, then head south once you get the chance. As the path winds southeast you'll see it split back to the north. The clump of woods here is Wild Boar Woods - and you'll know you're in the right place immediately, as there are wild boars loitering out front. That was easy... though you should save before you enter.

Enter the woods and you'll find a ton of Wild Boars wandering around. If you've come here right after finishing Cave Fight you probably won't be strong enough to win any of the battles. Fortunately, it's possible to collect some Dihuang if you're careful. Walk west past the large clearing in the middle of the woods, then take the second northbound path. There's a pink flower at the west end of the northern path, and it's the Dihuang you want.

Assuming you can't take out the boars, you'll need to be cautious. There are lots of them roaming around, and though they can't outrun Yi they can box him in. Wait for nearby boars to wander away before making a move. If you do get caught your chances of running from the fight are not horrible, though you'll only have one turn before they reach you and start attacking.

Take the Dihuang back to Mrs. Xue. Grateful for the help, she'll hand over your reward.