Part 2: Entering Wutong Village

Main Walkthrough

After meeting a bunch of NPCs, collecting a bunch of items, beating up some monkeys, and undergoing a month of rigorous training, Yi is ready to detoxify his body. This will take place over the course of a few different mini-quests. First step: Speak to Sun the Physician. You'll find him in the west of Wutong Village, down the steps from the Jiang Residence and around some bamboo trees.

Sun has one of the herbs, but he doesn't have the Ban Bian Lian you need. Look southwest of Sun's home and you'll find some steps down to the edge of a pond. There's a bunch of Ban Bian Lian growing down here, and you couldn't pick it up earlier. Now you can. 

Grab five of the six flowers and take them back to Sun. As a reward he'll give you the Bai Zhi herb that you needed, as well as two Jinchuang Ointments. You can use the latter to restore your party's health in combat. Take these items back to the Jiang Residence and approach Jiang Yinfeng, on the cliff's edge to the east of the house, to trigger a cut scene.

Yinfeng will send Yi to pick him up some alcohol. Head down to the inn - it's the largest building, around the center of Wutong Village - and pop inside. You'll discover that the innkeeper is out of Yinfeng's particular brand of booze. One man bought his entire store, and you'll need to speak to him. On Yi's way out the inn becomes very crowded, though this is a problem for another time.

Head southwest through Wutong Village. You'll find Wei Huo, the man who bought all the alcohol, standing just north of the village's entrance. Speak to him and you'll earn a chance to Spar with the man. You'll need to raise your Affinity with Wei Huo to 20 before you can Spar, which means giving him a Gift. He likes the Monkey's Fruit Juice that you picked up in the previous quest, as well as Jinchuang Ointment. One of either will suffice.

(The Sparring match is very basic. You hit him, he hits you. You'll outpace Wei Huo pretty quickly.)

You'll receive Gaoliang Liquor and some Martial Arts Notes for whupping Wei Huo, and he'll offer to help you out if you Invite him into the party. Thanks to a +40 bump to Affinity, you can Invite him right now if you like. (This also triggers the Wei Huo's Promise side quest. You can continue to raise Affinity once a character is in the party.)

Head back towards the Jiang Residence to trigger another cut scene. Once it's done you'll be inside the house. Before leaving, check the table in the upper-left corner to find a potion that will help with Yi's condition. That done, leave the house, head down the stairs towards the village, then go east before reaching any of the other homes. There's a cave ahead.

When you arrive Jiang Yinfeng will give you a little breakdown of the three types of weapons you can use to combat the trial ahead. You need to choose one:

  • Sword, useful for attacking along horizontal lines
  • Fist, close range but strong
  • Saber, good for slashing in a vertical line
Yinfeng will give you a weapon based on which category you choose. You can then equip it and test it out on Yinfeng in a quick Spar. He will beat you down without much difficulty, but you'll get a chance to test out your new weapon and its associated Skills. (Note that you will get a chance to change weapons later, if this one isn't to your liking.)

At the end of the match you'll receive some Martial Points. The game will then direct you into the Martial Art menu, where you can upgrade your new Skills and gain additional Weapon Mastery. Use the Martial Points to upgrade the Skills of your choice. Note that there are different categories of Martial Arts, so if you want to upgrade a Special Move, make sure you choose that category. It's located at the top of the menu.

One last thing: Martial Points are specific to characters active in your party. This means that Wei Huo (assuming you recruited him) will also accumulate Martial Points over time, and you can use them to upgrade his attacks. Do this regularly so he doesn't fall behind Yi.

That's enough fiddling with menus. Shall we enter the cave?

Cave in the Mountain - Enemies

  • Bamboo Snake - Drops Snake Gallbladder, Viper
  • Cheating Snake
  • Tabby Snake
Your first dungeon. The Cave in the Mountain is pretty straightforward, and you'll only need to contend with some snakes on your way through. Note that enemies appear on the map, and if you're fast enough you can avoid combat entirely. (Though this early on you should probably be fighting everything.) If you choose to fight you shouldn't have any trouble with these early baddies, and attacking from their sides should end any snake in a single hit.

There's one more combat option you should be aware of at this point: Escape. You'll see the option to Escape a battle in the bottom-right of the screen, but it will be greyed out. The only way to flee is to move one of your characters to the edge of the battle grid. Choose Escape once your character has landed on the green footprints and the battle will end in flight. Depending on the power of your foes you may need to try a few times before you successfully run.

There are a few things of note in the Cave in the Mountain:
  • You'll find chances to collect Copper Ore, Coal, and Fuling throughout the cave. Keep your eyes peeled.
  • Run more or less directly east from the cave's entrance and you'll hit a dead end. There's a chest over here containing two Narcissus, two Baishao, and a Refined Essence Pill. The pill will permanently increase one character's HP by 10 points. Very handy. You'll find a lot of different pill types over the course of the game, and although you can give them to any party member, you usually want to give them to Yi. He's involved in almost every battle in the game, where everyone else comes and goes.
  • Just before you reach the northeast corner of the cave, where your quest ends, you'll see a little branch in the path that leads south. There's a chest down here containing some Copper Ore, Silver Ore, and Coal.
Head north shortly after entering the cave and you'll find a path leading northeast. The snakes you fight get gradually tougher as you go deeper into the cave, and once you run into Tabby Snakes you'll have to face ranged attacks that can Poison your characters. Use medicinal items to restore health when needed, and remember to attack from the sides or the rear to end fights more quickly.

The northeastern path will lead you to a clearing, a cut scene, and a bit of a boss battle.

Crimson Cobra

Accompanied by two Bamboo Snakes, the Crimson Cobra is a fitting first boss for Wandering Sword. It can move much further than the other snakes, has much more health, and can use the following attacks:
  • A normal attack that can Poison a target
  • King Cobra's Bite, a single-target ranged attack
This fight isn't that bad. Lure the Crimson Cobra in close, then do what you can to position the other two snakes so you can catch them in an AOE attack with the boss. Once the Bamboo Snakes are gone you can easily slip in behind the King Cobra and beat it to death. Having help makes this fight much easier, though Yi can manage it on his own if you've been leveling up your Martial Arts.

You'll receive five Crimson Cobra's Eggs for defeating the Crimson Cobra. After the battle you'll be joined by Yinfeng, and the would-be assassins from the inn will show up to kill Yinfeng. You'll need to stall for two turns until Yinfeng gets his Qi back in order. 

Move Yi to the edge of the map - he can't do much at this point - then send Yinfeng into battle once he can move again. Yinfeng is outnumbered, but he knows more than enough techniques that can wallop these guys. Try to maneuver them into straight lines so you can hit two or three of them in a single go. As long as you keep them away from Yi you'll be fine.

You'll earn a variety of higher-level equipment for defeating the three fighters, some of which you'll probably want to equip right away. (You may also want to steal some of Yinfeng's equipment for Yi.) Alas, the assassins have dirty tricks up their sleeves, and everyone's still in trouble. Trek back through the Cave in the Mountain - Yinfeng will help you demolish any snakes along the way - and you'll hit a cut scene on the way out. Yinfeng will give you the Five Immortals' Mental Sutra (Incomplete)...

... and you'll be dropped into an enormous fight. Fortunately most of the combatants are occupied with one another, and you can use Yinfeng to pick them off. Start with Gray Condor and Qin Lie, the two guys who are actually paying attention to your team. Once they're gone you can move on to other targets, and so long as you don't run right into the center of the battle you shouldn't have any trouble keeping Yinfeng alive. Use his Tai Chi Swordplay AOE attack if anyone starts to gang up on you.

(Unsurprisingly, Yi won't be much help here. Keep him away from the fight.)

You'll receive a ton of items for winning this battle, and, again, you'll probably want to equip some of them right away. 

Once the battle - and several cut scenes - are done, you'll be back in the Jiang Residence. Head back to the cave to watch one final cut scene that will end the quest, and put you on the path to the next. The journey begins.

Part 4: Search in Luo Village

Main Walkthrough