Location: Wutong Village
Petitioner: Wei Huo
Prerequisite: Complete Cave Fight
Reward: Great Mountain Cultivation Method

Early on in Wandering Sword you'll meet a man named Wei Huo in Wutong Village. He's the closest thing the village has to a local warrior, outside the Jiangs, and you'll need to Spar - and recruit - Wei Huo into your party. After this point Wei Huo will be with you for the long run, and you can trigger his side quest, Wei Huo's Promise.

In order to pursue Wei Huo's Promise you first need to raise his Affinity to 70 or more, which can be a little challenging. He doesn't have a ton of likes. That said, the valuable Crimson Cobra's Eggs that you collected during the trip to the Cave in the Mountain will appease Wei Huo if you give him a few. If not, you'll have to wait until you pick up something that catches Wei Huo's fancy.

Once you've raised Wei Huo's Affinity to 70 he'll express worry over the number of Wild Boars that plague Wutong Village. He wants to get rid of them by going after the source: Wild Boar Woods. If you agree to help him with this you'll have to travel to Wild Boar Woods. You only get one chance to agree to this side quest, so make sure you don't turn Wei Huo down!

Wild Boar Woods is located to the south of Wutong Village. Leave the village and head west along the main road until you hit a crossroads. Head south and southeast until you find a small section of woods with Wild Boars out front. This is Wild Boar Woods. The Wild Boars in here are fairly powerful early on, so you shoud hold off on this quest until you've achieved one of two things:
  • Your characters have reached 900+ HP. At this point they should be generally strong enough to challenge Wild Boar Woods.
  • You've visited Mount Wanzi and (temporarily) recruited the Girl in Red. She can handle the Wild Boars.
Your target here is the Wild Boar King. There's a clearing in the middle of Wild Boar Woods, and if you skirt around it and head west you'll find the Wild Boar King. It's bigger than the rest, so you can't miss it. (And while you're here, hack down the trees for some Ironwood. You'll need it for the next step of Wei Huo's storyline.)

Wild Boar King

Although it fights alone, the Wild Boar King is more than a match for your early-game party. It only uses a normal headbutt attack, but this hurts enough to put you on guard. Put your strongest character in front of the Wild Boar King to draw its attention while the others stick to its flanks or rear and do damage. Reorient your party whenever it turns around, and heal using Cultivation Methods as needed. This is not a compex fight by any means - you just need to outlast the Wild Boar King.

You'll receive Fine Hide and Fine Raw Meat for defeating the Wild Boar King. All is well and good... until some Bandits show up.

Water Bandit Leader

This fight is a little more complicated than the fight with the Wild Boar King, but it's also arguably easier. You're facing the Water Bandit Leader and four Water Bandits, none of whom are nearly as strong as the Wild Boar King - but there are more of them. Get in some hits on the Water Bandit Leader as he takes the lead, then wait for the Water Bandits to catch up. Use AOE attacks to smack the guys around, and do your best to avoid being surrounded. The Water Bandits have little HP, and once they're gone their leader won't stand a chance. 

You may receive Qiu Loong Boxing Gloves, a Rainbow Sword, a Red Copper SaberCopper Armor, a Solid Gold Helmet, a Dragon Pendant, or Gloss SIlver Boots for defeating the Water Bandit Leader and his cronies. The baddies will run off, and their destination...

... is Lotus Lake, which is a short walk east of Wild Boar Woods. You'll face the same battle, only this time there are seven Water Bandits, not three. This makes things a bit trickier. Start off by backing up to the right and taking out the two Water Bandits behind your party. This will give you some breathing room before their buddies arrive. Save a few AOE attacks, then unleash them on your foes once they're grouped near Yi and Huo. Five Immortals' Mental Sutra in particular is great in this fight, even if it doesn't kill every enemy in a single use.

You may receive the items listed above for defeating the Water Bandits a second time, as well as the Darkwind Saberplay manual and the Red Copper Saber Advanced Blueprint. A surprise appearance by a third party will see your group restored, and you'll receive a Medium Grade Chaoselixir and a Medium Grade Durabilixir. Head back to Wutong Village and speak to Mr. Li the Village Head, near the inn, to wrap up the quest.

Huo will leave the party - but only for a moment. As you try to leave Wutong Village he'll interrupt Yi, and ask to visit the Yanfu Town Martial Club. This will trigger a new side quest, Sharpening Skills.