Location: Luo Village
Petitioner: Bai Jin
Prerequisitie: Complete Tempest Stockade Rescue
Reward: Varies; see below

Have fun on Mount Wanzi? Well, here's your chance to go back - immediately after your first trip. Once you've completed the main quest on Mount Wanzi you'll return to Luo Village, and after the celebrations are complete you'll find a new NPC in the village. His name is Bai Jin, and he hangs out near the western entrance. Speak to Bai Jin...

... and he will immediately challenge you to a Sparring match, one you can't turn down. Bai Jin uses long-range attacks that can inflict Bleed, and is generally a difficult opponent. Get in close to strike him, and use your Cultivation Methods as needed to heal Yi. (And don't worry too much if you lose.)

Bai Jin is impressed enough after the battle to make Yi a deal. There's still treasure to be had on Mount Wanzi, and he wants Yi to create a distraction while he scoops up the riches. Sounds like a plan. (You can start plying Bai Jin with food and alcohol to raise your Affinity with him, but he'll stop you from getting it up to 60. There's no Inviting him into the party just yet.)

Head back to Mount Wanzi and defeat any five Bandit enemies. Not five battles' worth of enemies, just five enemies with the name 'Bandit' in their title. Three fights should do it. Return to Bai Jin afterward to discuss how it went. (Don't tell him that Tianlong Gang is involved or any Affinity you've built up will disappear.) He'll dash off to Mount Wanzi.

Follow Bai Jin to Mount Wanzi and make your way to the area where you fought Mountain Leopard, far to the east. You'll trigger a cut scene, and another boss battle will be waiting.

Tianlong Gang Leader

Yi and Jin will need to fight this battle alone, and they're on opposite sides of the battlefield. This is more or less to your advantage, though try to bring the pair together so the baddies don't gang up on Jin. The Tainlong Gang Leader can hit at a bit of a range himself, but he won't last long once his two mooks are dead.

You'll receive the Twin Dragons Slash and Tianlong Cultivation Method manuals after this fight is won. You'll also have the opportunity to take an item of your choice:
  • Weapon - Silver Petals-Like Dart
  • Jewels - Dragon Pendant
  • Gold - 3,000 coins
Bai Jin will take off once you're back in Luo Village, but the next side quest that opens up - Serpent and Plum Liquor - may just give you the opportunity to recruit him for good.