Location: Wutong Village
Petitioner: Wei Huo
Prerequisite: Complete Wei Huo's Promise
Reward: Salvation Staff Martial Art

In order to trigger the second of Wei Huo's side quests yo must complete his first side quest, Wei Huo's Promise. The end of that quest will put you back in Wutong Village, and when you try to leave you'll unlock Sharpening Skills automatically. Your next step is to head to Yanfu Town, which is a relatively quick trip to the northeast of Wutong Village.

Head to the northeast of Yanfu Town to find the Yanfu Martial Club, then speak to Long Dingtian, the guy inside the club. At first he rebuffs Wei Huo's attempts to join the club, but eventually agrees - if you can bring him three pieces of Ironwood.

You can get Ironwood in a few places, though there are two locations close to Wutong Village that you're best off utilizing:

  • First off is Wild Boar Woods, which you had to visit for the first part of Huo's storyline - it's west along the road from Luo Village, then southeast at your first opportunity
  • The other spot is the Murkwood, which you'll find on the other side of the first bridge to the northwest of Wutong Village - note that a Bandit will stop you and demand a toll at the entrance, though if you beat the Wild Boar King previously you can probably handle him in a fight
Both locations have a fairly limited stock of Ironwood, so if you haven't picked up any previously you'll have to visit both to harvest enough wood.

Return to Long Dingtian with the Ironwood. He'll agree to show Huo one technique - which was not the agreement - and when Yi picks apart the man's technique, a fight breaks out.

Long Dingtian

This guy can prove to be quite a nuisance if you're undertaking the side quest early in the game, as only Huo and Yi get to fight. Long Dingtian knows the following moves:
  • A normal melee polearm thrust
  • A single-target smack that restores a bit of Long Dingtian's health
  • An AOE burst that buffs Long Dingtian's defenses
  • An AOE burst that can hit up to two squares away in all directions
If Yi utilizes longer-range attacks then your best bet is to let Long Dingtian engage Huo while Yi dances around the outside and hits Dingtian's back or sides. If both of your fighters work close up, however, you'll just have to swallow the damage from Dingtian's AOE bursts, which add up after a while. Cultivation Methods that heal your characters are recommended, though make sure you pull them away for a bit before using the move.

The trickiest part of this battle is Long Dingtian's defensive buffs. These can make it quite difficult to inflict lasting damage on him unless you hit very hard. Status ailments are recommended, if you can swing it, though ultimately you may just need to try this battle again once your team is stronger.

You'll receive the Coiling Dragon manual and the Coiling Dragon Advanced Blueprint for defeating Long Dingtian, and he'll also return the Ironwood. Dingtian's former master will deal with him, and Yi will suggest visiting the nearby Sandalwood Forest, which is a quick walk to the east from Yanfu Town. Approach the water to the north to trigger a cut scene. Once it is done Huo will know the Salvation Staff Martial Art, which will prove quite powerful in combat.