Part 6: Seek Help From Wudang and Joining Wudang

Main Walkthrough

Ah, your first assignment. Shortly after joining Wudang Sect, Yi is sent off with his new buddy Mowen to deal with something in a nearby settlement. Your next destination is Qinghe Village, which is located to the southeast of Wudang Sect. Follow the southern road out of Wudang Sect to the east and you'll find the village just past the Monkey Woods.

Your first job is to speak to the village head, who is standing just north of the entrance. First, though, we'll give Qinghe Village a quick once-over (emphasis on quick - this place is very small). You'll find a few NPCs of interest in Qinghe Village:

  • Beside the western house in Qinghe Village is a mother and her son. Approach them and you'll hear of a scorpion sting. Offer to help to trigger the Deadly Scorpion side quest.
  • On the far west end of Qinghe Village is a man naed Li Fan. He'll give you a side quest, Liquor Fish Chowder.

There are also a few treasures:

  • Head north through the village until you see a small wood pile. Just south of the woodpile is a chest containing Gloss Silver Boots and a Vigold Pill.
  • In the east of the village is a fishing spot. Nothing special, but you never know when you'll need a fish.

And... yeah, that's it. It's a very small village. Speak to the village head and he'll tell you that bandits have been raiding the village. He refers you to Lan, a young woman standing a few feet to your left. Speaking to Lan will tell you that the bandits fled to Monkey Woods, which you passed on the way to Qinghe Village. Might as well check it out.

Monkey Woods - Enemies

  • Bandit Guard
  • Bandit Marksman
  • Leader
  • Monkey

Monkey Woods - Drops

  • Bloodstone
  • Dragonhead Saber
  • Gloss Silver Armor
  • Hide
  • Monkey's Fruit Juice
  • Piercing Awl
  • Thick Felt Snow Boots
  • Twin Phoenixes Crown
Yep, those are bandits, alright. Looks like you'll be fighting your way through the woods. These enemies are only a slight step up from the ones you fought on Mount Wanzi, and Mowen is so strong that you'll mow through them without any trouble.

Monkey Woods is a curvy, but very straightforward, path. There are only a few things to see as you walk from the entrance to the end, besides the enemies, and they're all items to harvest: Coal, Buguhzi, Gancao, and Ironwood.

Head west and you'll eventually hit a cut scene in a clearing. It appears that the bandits came from Mount Wanzi, and you'll need to put them down. The Leader is a stronger breed of enemy than his Bandit buddies, but they're all pushovers compared to Mowen and the rest of your party. You can earn Linen, Satin, Ghost Claws, and Ox Horn Teapots for winning this fight.

Check on the west side of the clearing after the next cut scene is done to find a chest. It contains a Refined Breath Pill and a Refined Meridian Pill. That's all for Monkey Woods, so head back the way you came and return to Qinghe Village. Speak to the village head and, after a quick conversation, you'll be shot back to Wudang Sect to receive your reward: Martial Arts Notes and a Refined Meridian Pill. Mowen will leave the party at this point, and you'll have to head back to the dorms to rest.

During the finale of this quest you'll receive 100 Affiliation Credits with Wudang Sect. Affiliation Credits count towards Yi's standing with Wudang Sect, and accumulating more by taking on tasks will raise Yi's rank. This will be important in the next main quest, which begins as soon as you wake up the next day.

Part 8: Become Senior Disciple

Main Walkthrough