Part 7: Qinghe Village Case

Main Walkthrough

With one Affiliation Quest success tucked neatly under his belt, Yi is on his way to becoming a respected member of Wudang Sect. The next step is becoming a Senior Disciple, and to do that you'll need to accumulate 200 more Affiliation Credits. There are two ways to do this.

Affiliation Quests

If you check the east side of Wudang Sect's lowest level you'll find a disciple named Yuanfeng. This guy is responsible for giving out Affiliation Quests, which are small tasks that provide support to Wudang Sect. Completing them will earn you the Affiliation Credits you need to complete this main quest. Yuanfeng has four different types of quests for you:

  • Collect Herbs - Yuanfeng needs Dihuang. You can find Dihuang in Wild Boar Woods, south of Luo Village. You'll receive Jinchuang Ointment, 2,000 coins, and 20 Affiliation Credits for completing this task.
  • Search for Offerings - Yuanfeng needs Jasperorchid. You can find Jasperorchid at the western Pawnshop in Pingkang City, east of Wudang Sect, for 1,000 coins. You'll receive 1,500 coins and 30 Affiliation Credits for completing this task.
  • Assist Demonstrations - Yuanfeng needs Yi to assist Yuanqi, another disciple, in teaching the basics. Speak to Yuanqi on the Swordplay Platform, just north of the entrance to Wudang Sect, and you'll battle several Wudang Sect disciples. They're stronger than they sound, so you'll probably want help (Wei Huo and Bai Jin, mostly likely). You'll receive Martial Arts Notes, Refined Spirit Pills, and 50 Affiliation Credits for completing this task.
  • Joy of Fishing - Yuanfeng wants you to catch a Bighead Carp. You can catch Bighead Carp in Qinghe Village and Shuange Village, both of which are near Wudang Sect. You'll receive Sweet and Sour Fish, 500 coins, and 30 Affiliation Credits for completing this task.

Urgent Quest - Murders at Qianling

As you're headed east from the dorms one of Yi's fellow disciples will stop him and make a request: See to the older fellow by the front gate. Head there and you'll find a Woodsman in trouble. Apparently there have been murders near Qianling Pier, and the Woodsman needs someone to look into the killings. This will trigger the Murders at Qianling Urgent Quest, which is large enough to merit its own guide.

Once you've completed a mixture of Affiliate Quests and the Urgent Quest you'll need to speak to Daotong, who is standing next to Yuanfeng. Be ready for a scrap before you talk to him, however...


Fighting to achieve higher rank in a martial arts sect? Makes sense. Daotong is taking it easy on Yi, so he's not too difficult to beat... though keep in mind that you have to fight him solo. Daotong uses the following attacks:

  • A normal slap
  • A ranged explosive attack
  • Soft Palm Strike, which inflicts the status ailment of the same name, allow Daotong to inflict more damage with each subsequent attack
Daotong has a little over 1,300 HP, and hits for around 200 HP each turn. As long as you can outdamage him and heal yourself once or twice via Cultivation Methods you should be fine. Remember to move around his back to inflict more damage with each attack.

You'll receive the Senior Disciples' Nameplate for defeating Daotong. Head to Sanqing Hall (the central hall, over to the west of where you're standing) to trigger a few cut scenes, and receive a new mission. On your way out Mowen will give you Lanling Liquor and Jinchuang Ointment. You're headed to Pingkang City.