Location: Wudang Sect
Petitioner: Woodsman
Prerequisite: Begin Become Senior Disciple
Reward: 150 Wudang Sect Affiliation Credits

This Urgent Quest pops up shortly after you begin the main quest Become Senior Disciple. You don't have to do it, though you'll earn some needed Affiliation Credits if you take time out of your day.

As you're headed east from the dorms one of Yi's fellow disciples will stop him and make a request: See to the older fellow by the front gate. Head there and you'll find a Woodsman in trouble. Apparently there have been murders near Qianling Pier, and the Woodsman needs someone to look into the killings. This will trigger the Murders at Qianling Urgent Quest, which is large enough to merit its own guide.

Speak to Daotong, who is right next to Yuanfeng, the fellow who gives out the smaller Affiliation Quests. He'll put Yi on the case, and give you Moqi, another disciple, to help. You'll find Moqi on the Swordplay Platform near the entrance of Wudang Sect, watching the other disciples from the northwest corner. He'll give you some Monkey's Fruit Juice, then join the party to investigate the matter. Moqi is not as powerful as Mowen, but he'll still come in handy.

Leave Wudang Sect and make the trek back towards Qinghe Village, where you conducted most of the previous main story quest. This time, though, follow the river a little further southeast. You'll find Qianling Pier a quick walk away. As soon as you enter the village you'll be thrust into the murder mystery.

Once you regain control you can check the one body that remains from the murders. You'll find it on the docks to your right. Approach the body for another cut scene, which will set your course for the Cave of Tribulations, another dungeon. Head towards the inn in the center of town to spark yet another cut scene, which gives you a choice: Should you rest, or... not?


If you decide to rest you'll have to head to the Cave of Tribulations the next day. It's a short walk southeast of Qianling Pier, along the coastline and through a forest. As soon as you enter you'll get into a battle with Xie Tong the Shadowless. Xie Tong has some nasty Hidden Arts, but he's no match for Yi and Moqi. The quest ends rather abruptly after this, and you'll jump back to Wudang Sect.

(Suffice it to say that unless you're in a hurry, you shouldn't rest. You'll miss out on a few things.)

Don't Rest

Moqi will leave the party to go nap if you decide not to rest. You'll start in front of the inn, and if you walk a little ways to your right you'll see several red jugs. Approach them and Yi will identify the smell on the body as that of Monkey's Fruit Juice.

Inspect the body again and Yi will draw some more conclusions from his observations. An arrow will fly out of nowhere during the inspection, and a note will direct Yi to the pier. Here you'll meet a man named Leng Wuqing, who will break the case open and direct you to the Monkey Woods, not the Cave of Tribulations.

Leave Qianling Pier and head northwest. Monkey Woods is a short walk from Qinghe Village. Head down the path to the clearing at the end of Monkey Woods to trigger a cut scene - and a fight. (Fortunately, Mowen jumps in to help at the last second.)

Crying Devil

Accompanied by four Villain Valley Disciples, Crying Devil is no joke. Any extra characters you brought along will be excluded from the fight, as well, forcing Yi, Moqi, and Mowen to fight on their own. Crying Devil uses the following attacks:

  • A gusty single-target attack that he can use twice in a row
  • A ranged attack that inflicts Enervation and Poison on its targets

This is a nasty fight. Crying Devil can inflict quite a bit of damage each turn, and his mooks are no slouches either. If they manage to group up around you you'll get into trouble in a real hurry.

The key here is to goad the enemies into lining up so you can use sword techniques to hit multiple at a time. Moqi and Mowen can them mow enemies down en masse. Stay back at the beginning and let Crying Devil come to you. Unleash a few attacks at him, then pull back before you're surrounded and keep sniping enemies until the numbers are a little more even. Mowen will probably have the most health, so let him take point when necessary.

You'll receive Demon Saberplay and Tempest Saberplay manuals, among other things, for defeating Crying Devil and his minions. The quest will end similarly to how it played out if you decided to rest, and you'll be spirited back to Wudang Sect.

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