Location: Qinghe Village
Petitioner: Tiedan and Tiedan's Mother
Reward: Tiger Claws Boots

Though it is available at any time, this side quest is most likely to pop up for you during your first assignment for Wudang Sect, which sends you to Qinghe Village. The village is to the southeast of Wudang Sect. The petitioners are standing on the west side of the town square, and will start talking as soon as you get close enough.

The young man, Tiedan, has been stung by a scorpion. His mother is freaking out, as the village doesn't have a doctor who can take care of the injury. If you agree to help Tiedan will join the party, and you'll have to lead him to a physician in another village.

There are physicians in many locations, but you're specifically directed to Wei the Physician, who lives in Luo Village. Head back north to Luo Village and look out front of the inn to find Wei. He decides that he doesn't have the skill to treat the sting, but a friend by the name of Liu Mayi can help. Mayi lives in Gusu City.

You probably haven't gone this far afield before, so this route will take you to Gusu City:
  • Leave Luo Village
  • Travel south to Wild Boar Woods
  • Follow the path near Wild Boar Woods to the east, until you reach the Chenghuang Temple
  • Keep following the road east until you hit a four-way crossroads
  • Travel southeast until you find Gusu City

Gusu City is a big place with lots of NPCs, so keep your eyes peeled as you walk east. You're looking for a man in green who's carrying a banner. He's standing next to a small house near a bridge. This is Liu Mayi. Speak to him and he'll tell you to visit the nearby Bamboo Sea and fetch some scorpions to create an antivenom.

Leave Gusu City the way you came in and return to the crossroads in the northwest. East of the crossroads you'll find the Bamboo Sea, an area where Scorpions are found in abundance. You'll need to fight them - and keep fighting them - until they drop three Scorpions. This is not a guaranteed drop, so you may have to kill Scorpions for a while. Be ready for the Poison status effect, and make the most of your AOE attacks.

Trek back to Liu Mayi in Gusu City with your three Scorpions and Tiedan, restored to health, will hand over your reward.