Location: Qinghe Village
Petitioner: Li Fan
Reward: Crisp Bone Fish, Martial Arts Thoughts

Though it is available at any time, this side quest is most likely to pop up for you during your first assignment for Wudang Sect, which sends you to Qinghe Village. The village is to the southeast of Wudang Sect. The petitioner is standing off on the far west side of the village, overlooking farming fields and animals.

The petitioner this time is a young man named Li Fan. He boasts about his village's 'liquor fish chowder', and says he'll prepare some for Yi - if you bring him the ingredients. You'll need two sets of ingredients to create the chowder:
  • First is Monkey's Fruit Juice. You can find it in the Monkey Woods, a short walk west of Qinghe Village. Kill Monkeys - which is very easy - and they will drop plenty of Monkey's Fruit Juice. You need five jars.
  • Second is Grass Carp. You can catch Grass Carp in Qinghe Village, via the riverside fishing spot on the east side of the village. You'll need five Grass Carp.
Bring the ingredients back to Li Fan to receive your reward. (Which, oddly enough, doesn't include liquor fish chowder.)