Location: Wutong Village
Petitioner: Zhang the Woodsman
Prerequisite: Complete Cave Fight
Reward: Varies; see below

One of the later side quests to come out of Wutong Village, The Woodsman's Axe won't pop up until you've visited the Cave in the Mountain and completed everything involved with that dungeon. Once that's done you'll find this quest attached to Zhang the Woodsman, who lives in the east of Wutong Village.

Speak to Zhang and he'll complain about his axe, which is rusting with abnormal speed. He wants you to speak to the blacksmith about it - but he does not want you to mention whom you represent. You'll find Dachui on the west side of Wutong Village, and when you speak to him Dachui will give you two options. You can present them to Zhang, and he'll ask your opinion.

Buy a new axe

If you suggest buying a new axe Zhang will worry over the fate of the old axe. The local superstition is to toss it into the nearby lake, which is what he'll ask you to do.
  • If you agree Zhang will give you the Old Axe. Walk up to the bridge that's a short walk west of the Cave in the Mountain and Yi will throw it in automatically. Report the completed deed to Zhang to receive Beggar's Chicken, Bining Liquor, Martial Arts Notes, and 700 coins.
  • If you tell Zhang not to throw away the axe he will keep it, and the quest will end here. You'll receive Beggar's Chicken, Bining Liquor, and 500 coins.

Fetch four Iron Ores

If you suggest reforging the old axe Zhang will ask you to collect four Iron Ores from the Cave in the Mountain, then take them with the axe to the blacksmith. You have two options here, as well:
  • Collect the Iron Ore yourself. Iron Ore is found throughout the Cave in the Mountain, and if you did any amount of exploration you probably have enough already. Take the Old Axe to the blacksmith and he'll change it into a New Axe. Return it to Zhang to complete the quest, earning a reward of Gloss Silver ArmorBeggar's Chicken, Bining Liquor, and 2,000 coins. (This path earns you the greatest number of rewards, and teaches you the most about the two men, making it the best choice overall.)
  • Tell Zhang to do it himself. He'll give you 1,500 coins, ending the quest.