Main Walkthrough

Location: Yanfu Town
Prerequisite: Complete Joining Wudang; see below
Petitioner: Kong Liang
Reward: Varies; see below

In order to trigger this quest you need to complete Joining Wudang, a main story quest that opens up a large number of areas in Wandering Sword. It is important to note that The Past is the Past has a cutoff point, and if you wait too long (I've read that Rainy Night in Gusu is the cutoff, though it may also be earlier) the petitioner will no longer appear. Try to prioritize this quest shortly after Yi leaves Wudang Sect as a new member.

The petitioner, Kong Liang, is in Yanfu Town, to the northeast of Wutong Village. Travel to the far east end of Yanfu Town - it stretches further than it first appears - and look in the northeast for a cottage. Out front is Kong Liang, along with a woman, Luan Qiong, who is looking for her father. All they know is that he is likely a monk at the nearby Shaolin Temple. On the way out of Yanfu Liang will rush up and make an additional request: Retrieve medicine for Qiong, who is deathly ill.

Shaolin Temple is a short walk northeast of Yanfu Town, across a single bridge. Enter the grounds and Yi will decide to start with Yuan Jue, the abbott. You can find him more or less directly north of the entrance, standing outside a central hall. Speak to Yuan Jue and he'll provide one possible candidate for the father: A secular disciple named Di Zui.

Head north one screen, to the Rear Hall, then head west through the grounds. You'll find a forested area full of stone sculptures, and Di Zui is standing in the north, partially hidden upon your approach. Di Zui isn't the man you're looking for, but he's willing to help cure Qiong.

Head back to the entrance and you'll trigger a few cut scenes, which will send Yi back to Yanfu Town. Di Zui follows, and he enters a nearby cottage to work on healing Qiong while Yi and Liang stand guard out front. Save your game before agreeing to help, as trouble will come calling, in the form of Condor School. You now have a choice to make:
  • If you decide to help Kong Liang Yi and his team will step in to battle Condor School. You will almost certainly lose this fight. Di Zui will show up afterward to settle things more peacefully, and you'll receive a small Affinity boost with Zui. Kong Liang will agree to join the party, and you'll receive the Tiger Claws Boots Advanced Blueprint, Longyou Plum, the Yellow Dragon Saberplay manual, and Martial Arts Thoughts.
  • If you decide to not intervene Liang will fight the Condor School disciples, and... lose quite badly. Di Zui steps in to resolve things, and the quest ends. (On the plus side, you gain some Affinity with Frosty Condor, one of the Condor School members, and she is important much later in Wandering Sword.) You'll receive the Darkwind Saberplay manual, Cinnabar Plum, and the Fanyang Straw Hat Advanced Blueprint.

If you helped Kong Liang he will be available as a party member. That said, you need to pick him up in Tancheng City, which is a ways from Yanfu Town. These directions will get you there:
  • Travel back west to Wudang Sect
  • Travel southeast of Wudang Sect until you see a mountain with a waterfall flowing out its side
  • Travel south, over a bridge and past two crossroads, until you see a city on your right - this is Tancheng
You'll find Kong Liang and Luan Qiong in the northeast of Tancheng City, outside a house on the uppermost level of the city. Liang's Affinity for Yi is already maxed out, so you can Invite him on the spot. He's a solid saber fighter for the earlier sections of Wandering Sword, and can fight alongside Yi for the whole game if you like him enough.

(It is worth noting that this quest is a prerequisite for recruiting another team member, as well: None other than Di Zui. He's by far the most difficult character to successfully Invite, and if you miss out on Kong Liang you'll never get the chance. So. Well done!)