Part 12: Wudang Contest

Main Walkthrough

After paying a quick visit to Wutong Village - and fighting knee-deep in snakes - you'll next be headed off to Gusu City. It's a long way from Wutong Village, so you might want some directions:

  • Travel south of Wutong Village to Wild Boar Woods
  • Head east of Wild Boar Woods until you cross a bridge
  • Walk southeast of the bridge to Chenghuang Temple
  • Look east of the temple for a four-way crossroads
  • Head southeast of the crossroads to find Gusu City

Not too bad, all in all, though make sure you save before you enter Gusu City. There's a battle waiting at the entrance.

Thousand-Handed Monster

Yeeks. This guy is tough. The Thousand-Handed Monster is a hidden weapon expert, and despite his lowish HP he can give you quite a bit of trouble if you aren't careful. Worse, you can't use your normal team - only the Wudang Sect fellows will be helping Yi with this one. The Thousand-Handed Monster uses the following attacks:
  • A ranged single-target strike that inflicts Poison
  • A ranged AOE strike that inflicts numerous debuffs

You have the advantage of numbers here, so once the Thousand-Handed Monster uses his AOE attack (which he should do right away) your best chance is to rush in and surround him. Pound him for a few turns, then back a few of your characters away so he doesn't use the AOE on your whole party. Keep this up and he shouldn't last too long.

You'll receive one really solid piece of equipment for defeating the Thousand-Handed Monster. Once the fiend is gone you're free to explore Gusu City, but your paths will be limited. We'll check around at another time, and just go straight to the pier for the moment. Head east through the city until you cross a bridge, then look south when you're on the right side of the bridge to find the pier.

The boatman isn't willing to go to sea just yet, so make your way back west after speaking to him and check in at the inn. You'll be warned to prepare for 'important events', so if you have anything that needs doing outside Gusu City, now's the time to do it. Otherwise, save your game, then enter the inn. Cut scenes follow, aaaaand...

Du Biao

He's back! Du Biao is the same as last time, despite the different name. What sets this battle apart are the circumstances, as your usual crew is gone - and replaced by two monks, Hui Kong and Hui Ping. Neither one is quite as powerful as Mowen, but the two of them together more than make up for his absence. If you use Hui Kong's Great Vajrapani Fist you can push Du Biao up against a wall, leaving him exposed to attacks from three sides.

You'll receive another powerful piece of equipment for defeating Du Biao. The two monks will need to remain behind at the inn - but, on the plus side, any other party members you've brought along will join you instead. You'll need their help, as the city is now full of enemies.

Gusu City - Enemies

  • Villain Valley Disciple

Gusu City - Drops

  • Black Leather Liuhe Boots
  • Caltrop
  • Dragon Scale Saber
  • Ghost Claws
  • Green Jade Thumb Ring
  • Jinxian Crown
  • Purplelight Garment
  • Satin
  • Serpent Spear

This 'dungeon' is just a straight jog through Gusu City, punctuated by battles and cut scenes. The Villain Valley Disciples that keep getting in your way all fight the same - gusty wind attacks that can hit multiple targets - though on the whole the guys with the masks are tougher opponents than the guys without the masks.

Partway down the street you'll meet Hou Jiu, a member of the Beggars' Sect. He's a sign that you're about to hit trouble if you go any further down the street.

Bao Min

Does this guy seem familiar? He should, as he was in the enormous melee in the Cave in the Mountain. Bao Min is still too strong for Yi to handle - and you're forced to fight him alone. Stay alive as long as you can and the battle will end after a few rounds, along with the quest.

Part 14: Sword Appreciation Assembly and Gusu Lantern Festival

Main Walkthrough