Part 11: Become Elite Disciple

Main Walkthrough

A freshly-minted Elite Disciple of Wudang Sect, Yi is now facing a new challenge: A contest of swordplay. Enter Sanqing Hall after elevating your status in the sect and you'll trigger two cut scenes, culminating in the setup of a competition between the disciples of Wudang Sect. Yi needs to get to the top three if he wants to represent Wudang Sect in another tournament, against other opponents.

You'll receive the Drifting Cloud Swordplay manual from Mowen once the cut scenes are through. Approach Yuanqi, up on the Swordplay Platform, to confirm Yi's participation in the contest. There's one preliminary step to complete before Yi can join the contest, however.


By this point in Wandering Sword you should be way more than a match for Yuanqi. He'll only be a challenge if you've done next to no side questing and / or general exploration, and that's taking into account Yi fighting solo. Yuanqi uses the following attacks:

  • Thrust attacks
  • A directional line attack
  • Zhenwu's Sword Intent, a multi-directional shockwave

Nothing you've not seen before, in other words. Dance around Yuanqi, attacking his sides. Use Lightness before getting in close so you can attack his rear as often as possible, or so you can escape if your HP gets low. Not a big deal at all.

Defeat Yuanqi to receive a piece of equipment - and permission to enter the contest. You'll push the contest forward the next time you stay at the Disciples' Dorm, so if you have anything to do beforehand, make sure you rest anywhere but the dorm.

The tournament takes place the next day. You'll be treated to several matches between NPCs, then have to face the following opponents:

  • Yuanxin, a fighter who uses his fists. As long as you don't have extraordinarily bad luck with Combos you'll be fine. 
  • Yuanming, a swordsman. This fight has been a long time coming, but, alas, Yuanming is pretty weak by this point in the story. In most cases you should get in close and wallop him from the back or sides.
  • Moqi, a swordsman. You should be well acquainted with Moqi's moveset by now, and he's weaker than Yuanqi to boot. If you won that fight to get this far, you shouldn't have too much trouble with Moqi.
Defeat Moqi and you'll be crowned winner of the contest. You'll receive a Celestial Garment, a Three-Time Refined Essence Pill, a Three-Time Refined Meridian Pill, and 10,000 coins. Even better, you'll be taught a new Cultivation Method, Tai Chi Marvel Force, allowing you to boost Yi's stats. Not too shabby. 

After the battle you'll receive three new teammates - Mowen, Moqi, and Yuanming - and be headed off to a short pitstop in Wutong Village. You'll find it to the east of Wudang Sect.

After a quick conversation with the Village Head you'll need to look for a familiar grave. Climb to the northeast of the village and you'll find the entrance to the Cave in the Mountain. Look west of the cave's entrance to find the grave - and trouble.

Black Snake King

That's a lot of snakes. Fortunately, all of these things are quite weak compared to your party, with one exception: The Black King Snake that is hiding amongst the others, on the right side of the battle map. It still isn't that big of a deal, but keep an eye on the Black King Snake so it doesn't get in any sneak attacks.

Defeat the snakes and the party will be left without answers. Well, better get on with the plot...

Main Walkthrough