Location: Chengjia Village
Petitioner: Mrs. Zhou
Reward: Family Jadeit

In order to trigger this quest you first need to locate Chengjia Village. It's located on the far west side of the map, across a bridge to the west of Wudang Sect. The petitioner, a Swineherd, will be standing on your left as you head north through the village.

The petitioner is a woman named Mrs. Zhou, and she appears to be the local gossip. She'll share a few tasty tidbits - and then offer to keep going if you buy a Family Jadeite from her for 2,000 coins. If you agree Mrs. Zhou will keep going; otherwise the quest ends here. Purchase the Jadeite and Mrs. Zhou will mention that an old Taoist has apparently secreted a bridge in the mountains.

... and that's it. Quest over. The Family Jadeite is also certainly fake, so you got scammed. Quest over! (I went looking and found no evidence of an old Taoist with a hidden wife, so... yeah. If this changes in the near future I'll alter this guide.)