Location: Chengjia Village
Petitioner: Swineherd
Reward: Ham, 2,500 coins

In order to trigger this quest you first need to locate Chengjia Village. It's located on the far west side of the map, across a bridge to the west of Wudang Sect. The petitioner, a Swineherd, will be standing on your right as you head north through the village.

The Swineherd has fallen on hard times. His usual customer, the owner of Pingkang City's inn, hasn't been collecting the piglets she pledged to buy. The Swineherd asks you to go speak to her on his behalf, and see if she still wants the piglets. Agree and you'll need to make a trip to Pingkang City, back east.

Visit the inn and speak to Sai Jinhua, the lady behind the front desk. She'll explain that the city banned pigs for a while - but things are now back to normal.Take this news back to the Swineherd to receive your reward.