Location: Chengjia Village
Petitioner: Chubby
Reward: Yellow Dragon Saberplay manual, 1,500 coins

In order to trigger this quest you first need to locate Chengjia Village. It's located on the far west side of the map, across a bridge to the west of Wudang Sect. The petitioner, Chubby, is a crying little boy standing beside a house on your left as you walk north through the village.

Chubby's mother has gone missing, likely kidnapped, and Chubby is freaking out about it. His father went off to the Precipice to find the mother, and he, too, has disappeared. It's up to Yi to track mother and father down... along with whomever committed this foul crime. You'll find the Precipice to the north of Chengjia Village, across two bridges and through the mountains.

The Precipice is an enemy-filled but relatively straightforward dungeon area. All you need to do is keep climbing uphill from the entrance, trouncing or avoiding enemies as you go. After a few landings you'll hit a cut scene, and a battle follows.

Serial... Nevermind

Yeah, I probably shouldn't type that word. This guy punches people, and... that's about it. He can inflict Combos, which may be dangerous, but you may also never see one. Gang up on him and beat the snot out of the scumbag.

You'll receive a decent weapon for defeating the man. The quest will end after a quick conversation with the family.