Part 10: Revisit Pingkang

Main Walkthrough

With Mr. Li dispatched and the unseemly affairs of Pingkang City settled, Yi has returned to Wudang Sect to resume his training. His next task is to reach the rank of Elite Disciple, a lofty position indeed - though getting there requires a lot of footwork.

There are plenty of ways to earn the 1,500 Affiliation Credits needed to become an Elite Disciple. Let's have a look at them all.

Tianlong Gang Spies

If you approach Master Daotong (right next to Yuanfeng) he'll mention that you're wanted at Sanqing Hall, a little ways to the west. This will trigger an Urgent Quest, Tianlong Gang Spies, which will go a long way to satisfying your need for Affiliation Credits.

Eliminate Wolves

Speak to Master Daowei (west of Sanqing Hall) and he'll have an Affiliation Quest for you. Apparently Mount Greenturnip, southeast of Wudang Sect, is overrun with Wolves. Daowei wants you to eliminate five of them. Follow the trail from Wudang Sect until you hit a bridge, then take a right to find Mount Greenturnip. Both Gray Wolves and White Wolves count.

You'll receive Fine Hides, 2,000 coins, and 80 Affiliation Credits for completing this quest.

About Alchemy

Speak to Master Daoxun, up the stairs from the Disciples' Dorms. He'll offer to teach Yi about alchemy - but he'll need a few herbs first:

  • Fuling. You can harvest it in Wutong Village and the Murkwood.
  • Baishao. Check Mount Wanzi or Wild Boar Woods.
Bring one of each herb to Master Daoxun to complete the quest. He'll give you Spirit Powder, the Spirit Powder Spagirism, and 25 Affiliation Credits.

Martial Arts Challenges

In the middle of the Swordplay Platform you'll find Yuanqi, instructor to the younger disciples. Speak to him and he'll tell you to fight a Young Wuxia who has arrived at Wudang Sect's front gate. Spar with the new arrival and trounce them to earn Affiliation Credits. You'll fight the following opponents:
  • Young Wuxia - 10 Credits
  • Young Female Wuxia -15 Credits
  • Qiao Sanfu - 20 Credits
  • Wu Dali - 35 Credits
  • Hong Jin the Mighty Fist - 50 Credits (need to speak to Yuanqi after the fight)
The opponents get progressively tougher with each fight, and Yi will have to fight them one-on-one. Qiao Sanfu, Wu Dali, and Hong Jin are a sizable step up from the first two, so make sure you heal between fights. Note that Wu Dali and Hong Jin are standing by the Disciples' Dorm, not down by the gate.

Most of these opponents are not that bad. Hong Jin, however, can prove a bit of a nightmare since he occasionally uses Combos, not to mention debuffs your attack power with every move. If you don't have ranged attacks that allow you to dance around Hong Jin you may want to hold off on this fight until you can overwhelm him with sheer power.

Affiliation Quests

As before, Yuanfeng, over in the east of Wudang Sect, has a bunch of Affiliation Quests for you. Alas, this time you need to wait until after you've finished the Urgent Quest before you can do any of them. The quests you can complete are as follows:

  • Letter delivery. Yuanfeng needs you to send a Letter from Qingxiao to Liushan School. Liushan School is a short walk northeast of Wudang Sect, and you want to deliver it to Liu Xiong. He's directly north of the entrance. Speak to Yuanfeng after delivering the letter for 30 Affiliation Credits, Quickstep Powder, and 1,000 coins
  • Find herbs. Yuanfeng needs one Fuling and one Chuanxiong. You can get them from Petalsfall Forest, southeast of Wudang Sect, and Peach Blossom Forest, a ways east of Petalsfall Forest. Bring Yuanfeng both herbs for 50 Affiliation Credits, a Medium-Grade Bioelixir, and 1,500 coins.
  • Demonstrations. Yuanqi wants more assistance in swordplay demonstrations on the Swordplay Platform, to the southwest of Yuanfeng. You'll have to fight five Disciples, all of which are pretty weak compared to your party (or should be, anyway). Win the battle to earn 80 Affiliation Credits, a Bagua Saberplay manual, and 1,000 coins.
  • Banquet preparations. Yuanfeng needs some Perch. Yuanfeng cites Baidi Lake and Lotus Lake as places where you can catch Perch. Lotus Lake takes the least time to reach, and you'll find it east of Wild Boar Woods, south of Luo Village. The fishing spot is on the left side of the lake. Turn in a Perch for 50 Affiliation Credits, Squirrel Fish, and 1,000 coins.
Speak to Daotong once you've earned your 1,500 Affiliation Credits. You still have one thing left to do before graduating to the next level in Wudang Sect.


Daotong is using more of his power - still not full power, but more - though that doesn't equate to a much more difficult battle than last time. Daotong uses the following attacks:
  • A normal punch
  • A ranged explosive punch
  • Soft Palm Strike, which increases damage taken from Daotong's attacks
Standard procedure. Circle Daotong, strike at his flanks and rear, and heal if needed. Nothing much to the fight, so long as you don't let Soft Palm Strike pile up too much.

You'll receive an Elite Disciple's Nameplate and a Mingjian Invitation for defeating Daotong. You're now an Elite Disciple! Well done!

Main Walkthrough