Location: Wudang Sect
Petitioner: None
Prerequisite: Complete Tianlong Gang Spies
Reward: ?

In order to trigger this quest you need to complete the Urgent Quest Tianlong Gang Spies, which itself is an offshoot of the main quest Become Elite Disciple. Once you've completed Tianlong Gang Spies - regardless of how that quest turns out - you'll automatically receive Leijia Village. Your destination is the location of the same name, which is found by taking this route:
  • Leave Shuanghe Village by the eastern exit and head south across the nearby bridge
  • Follow the road south until you hit a crossroads
  • Head east along the road to find Leijia Village

Near the entrance are stairs, and there are two Constables and a familiar wheelchair-bound figure at the top. Climb the steps to trigger a cut scene with the Constables and Leng Wuqing, the man you came to meet. Speak to Wuqing and you can offer to help him with his case. He'll outline the problem - pirates, to make a long story short - and ask Yi to investigate the people of Leijia Village. You can speak to his two Constables for more details on the pirates.

There are a bunch of NPCs to speak to in the village. Four are among the houses - three near the village center, one to the north - and several more are out on the eastern docks. Just about all of them will point you towards a man named Lei Zhuang, who is standing by a boat on the north end of the docks. 

Speak to Lei Zhuang, then trek back to Wuqing to tell him what you know. At the end of the conversation Wuqing will invite Yi along on a trip to Mount Lian'gu, which will likely be a dangerous expedition. Save your game before agreeing to the plan, as where you're headed is a one-way trip until you've completed the quest.

Mount Lian'gu - Enemies
  • Elite Pirate
  • Pirate Goon
Mount Lian'gu - Drops
  • Black Leather Liuhe Boots
  • Ceramic Weiqi Stones
  • Coiling Dragon Staff
  • Copper Armor
  • Dragon Pendant
  • Dragon Scale Saber
  • Gloss Silver Boots
  • Green Jade Thumb Ring
  • Lacquer Art Teapot
  • Lianpearl
  • Linen
  • Ox Horn Teapot
  • Peachite
  • Pirate Leader
  • Purplelight Garment
  • Qiu Loong Boxing Gloves
  • Rainbow Sword
  • Satin
  • Silver Petal-Like Dart
  • Silver Serpent Sword
  • Solid Gold Helmet
  • The Reclusive Life
  • Weeporchid
  • White Tiger Sword
  • Wooden Xun
Upon arrival at Mount Lian'gu your party will receive a huge boost from Leng Wuqing and the two Constables, all of whom will join up. You probably have better candidates for your active party than the Constables, but Wuqing himself is very strong, and makes a worthy companion. Make sure you use up his Meridian Points before setting out.

Mount Lian'gu is pretty straightforward: Defeat Pirates and advance along the slopes. There are a few things to watch out for:
  • You'll find occasional deposits of Silver Ore and Jade Ore as you climb. Might as well harvest 'em.
  • A short ways into the dungeon you'll hit a split in the path. If you head west you'll find a few downslopes. Head south and down another slope to find a chest sitting by itself at the lowest point of the mountain. It contains Mineral Drugs Powder and Dark Wood.
  • Back to the intersection. If you head east and climb up to the highest point you'll find a chest containing Three-Times Refinied Spirit Pills, the Four-Times Refined Spirit Pill Spagirism, and Robbed Fabric.
West of the chest at the higher point you'll run into some stronger baddies.

Shipwreck Clam and Lei Zhuang the Captain

Lei Zhuang isn't too bad, but Shipwreck Clam is likely more than you'd normally want to handle. You'll also find your normal team kicked out of this fight, and Yi, Wuqing, and the Constables will fight on their own. Lei Zhang doesn't do anything special, but Shipwreck Clam uses the following attacks:
  • A shockwave line attack
  • A strong AOE blade strike
Shipwreck Clam can hit for over 1,000 HP of damage, which is a lot for this point of Wandering Sword. Concentrate all fire on the Clam, ignoring Lei Zhuang entirely. Wuqing is great at landing hard criticals, and will often hit more than once if you attack from behind. Use him and the Constables to wipe Shipwreck Clam out as quickly as you can. Lei Zhuang will crumble quickly once his buddy is gone.

Wuqing and the Constables will leave the party after the fight - and leave you to climb back down Mount Lian'gu on your own. You can tussle with the Pirate Leader who appears in this area - which leads to a long fight, and lots of rewards - but there's nothing else to find on Mount Lian'gu. Might as well head back.

Leijia Village is east of Mount Lian'gu. Save your game, then enter the village. A biiiiig battle awaits.

Ye Fei and Seaperil Dragon

Yikes, that's a lot of baddies. Fortunately, you have your whole party, Leng Wuqing, and the two Constables on your side. Unfortunately, these enemies still outnumber even a full party, and everyone is dangerous. Most of your foes are mooks, but Ye Fei and Seaperil Dragon are a step up from the usual villain. They use the following attacks:
  • Normal weapon attacks
  • A line shockwave (Ye Fei)
  • Immortals' Unforgiving Sword, a heavy AOE attack (Ye Fei)
  • A ranged AOE (Seaperil Dragon)
  • Bloodstained Devil, a heavy AOE attack (Seaperil Dragon)
In addition to everything above several of the 'normal' enemies can Incapacitate your party members, making it easy for the bad guys to gang up and wallop them from multiple angles.

Unless your party is wildly overpowered you'll have to rely on Wuqing to dish out most of the damage. Keep your group spread out to start, which will mitigate some of the damage from the heavy AOE attacks, and use the two Constables to distract the enemies while you target one of the two named enemies. Ye Fei and Seaperil Dragon are both quite dangerous, so either one is a good choice. Take down one and the other should prove less problematic to defeat.

(If you're having trouble with this fight - which is understandable - I suggest waiting until you complete the main story quest Sword Appreciation Assembly. It will put three powerful characters in your party who make the fight against Ye Fei and Seaperil Dragon much easier.)

More goons will bar your path on the way out of the village, but they're a cakewalk compared to the previous battle, even though you no longer have the two Constables fighting on your side. The quest ends in Peach Blossom Forest, where Leng Wuqing decides to camp out, though he'll immediately have a new side quest for you: Prelude to Counterattack.