Part 13: Rainy Night in Gusu

Main Walkthrough

After a meeting with no less than three of the bigwigs of Villain Valley - not to mention getting beaten by one of them - Yi wakes up in Mingjian Manor, apparently no worse off for the attack. Your first goal is to speak to a few people...

... but first, have a quick look on your right. East of the Guest Room where you start is a small clearing with seemingly nothing in it. There's a big rock a little ways to the south that's blocking the view of the clearing, and if you look behind the rock you'll find a hidden chest. It contains an Intact Coin, Jinchuang Ointment, and a Jadeite Guanyin.

As you head south and east through the estate grounds you'll run into several familiar faces, as well as a cut scene. From here the grounds branch out, and if you head to the south you'll find the manor's front gate. Here you can speak to the Boatman and return to Gusu City, if you wish. You can also roam the grounds and speak to the many NPCs...

... though the only three you must address are Mowen, Moqi, and Yuanming, who are standing together in the manor's central area. Once you've chatted with all three the Sword Appreciation Assembly will begin. You'll need to fight three enemies, one-by-one:

  • Crimson Condor, who fights with his fists. Crimson Condor can hit at a bit of a range, and his attacks inflict Bleeding, so don't take him lightly.
  • Jue Wuxin, who wields a polearm. Wuxin hits relatively hard, but his weapon is better suited for hitting multiple foes, so he's not as difficult to defeat as you might think.
  • Fang Kuohai, who wields a saber. Kuohai is likely way too strong for Yi, so don't expect to win this battle. His AOE attacks are a bit overwhelming. The fight will end automatically after a few rounds.

The assembly ends for the evening after the battle with Kuohai. Mowen will give you Jinchuang Ointment before retiring for the night. If you speak to the nearby NPCs they'll suggest visiting the garden, which is located to the east of the central sparring area. You'll hit a cut scene when you enter the garden, and by the end of it Yi's Five Immortals' Mental Sutra will receive a bit of a boost, allowing you to pump more Martial Points into the move and make it more powerful.

Check the north side of the garden for a chest containing Jinchuang Ointment and a Note of Calligraphy Highlights, then follow the path east through the garden. It will lead you to a chest containing Longyou Plum and Martial Arts Thoughts, as well as a northbound trail. Follow the trail to finally meet the woman who appears on the title screen. After a bit of conversation Ouyang Xue will join the party, and you'll have to lead her on an expedition to Gusu City. Head to the pier in the south of the manor.

Gusu Lantern Festival

Xue will give you 20,000 coins upon arriving in Gusu City, where the Lantern Festival is taking place. There are several quick side quests for you to do while you're in the city.

  • First is the Lantern Vendor near the bridge where you start. He has riddles to complete, and you can take a stab at them for 800 coins per try. Your Affinity with Xue will rise for completing the riddles. You can also find a chest containing the High-Grade Yangelixir Spagirism and a Heartfire Pill in a chest behind the Lantern Vendor's stall. The answers to the quiz are as follows:
    • Light
    • Snowflake
    • Stars
    • Candle
  • Next is Mr. Xiao, on the south end of the stands. He'll serve you 'Solar Term Wontons' for 800 coins. Inspect the plate on the right side of the nearby table after paying. If you choose to Console Mr. Xiao he'll give you Xiao's Cookbook, as well as some Solar Term Wontons.
  • East of Mr. Xiao is Flying Fish, who 'challenges' you to take on her or her two siblings. You can choose one of the three:
    • Gluttonous Tiger - An eating contest. Eat three pots twice. He'll outeat you, and you'll receive Braised Dongpo Pork. (If you try to overdo it you'll permanently lose 5 HP.)
    • Iron Ape - A test of durability. If you admit defeat you'll receive Cuprite Ingots. (If you try it out Yi will permanently lose 5 HP, so... don' t try.)
    • Flying Fish - A Sparring contest. Beat her to receive a Four-Time Refined Spirit Pill and Master's Notes.
  • In the southeast of the festival is a Storyteller. You can give him 1,000 coins to hear a story. There are four stories, and you can listen to any of them. (Which you choose doesn't seem to matter, aside from the story-related tidbits that may or may not be true.)
  • Next to the stairs leading up to the festival's dancers is a Poor Scholar. You can pay 1,000 coins so he can watch the dancers. He'll give you the Nether Claws Advanced Blueprint.

Once you've completed all five side quests - or just gone back to the western bridge - this section of the story will end. You'll wind up back at Mingjian Manor, where Xue will leave the party. Look along the southeast of the grounds for a chest containing Jinchuang Ointment and Medium-Grade Yangelixir, then, head back to the Guest Room in the northwest. This will trigger several sketchy cut scenes, including one with Yuanming. Check the side of the building to Yuanming's left once he's done talking to find a hidden chest containing a Ruyi Winecup, a Cliffside Spring Guqin, and the Chiseled Tigerhead Boots Advanced Blueprint.

That's all for tonight. Return to the Guest Room on the right, to the north of Yuanming, and inspect the bed on the right side of the room to rest. Time passes, as do cut scenes...

... and the next day, once you return to the central sparring area, Yi will have to battle Fang Kuohai again. 

Fang Kuohai

Sigh. This guy again. Fang Kuohai uses the following attacks:
  • An explosive AOE attack that Ignites Yi and can inflict Grievous Wound... yeah, he pretty much just uses this over and over
Kuohai is weaker this time, thanks to the buff Yi received the previous day, though this fight is still a little rough thanks to Kuohai's debuffs. Use Lightness so you can escape Kuohai, if need be, and stick to his sides when attacking. Five Immortals' Mental Sutra is much more powerful if you buffed it, and should do more than enough to keep Yi alive while putting the hurt on Kuohai.

Defeat Fang Kuohai and you'll immediately be facing another powerful opponent.

Frosty Condor

After Kuohai is Frosty Condor. The buff continues to allow Yi to take on superior opponents, though Frosty Condor's use of Combos and status attacks makes her a more difficult foe than Fang Kuohai. Expect the following attacks:
  • A ranged dart that can inflict Bleeding
  • A line attack that can inflict Incapacitate and Bleeding
  • Divine Blood Claw, an AOE attack that can inflict Bleeding, Frost, and Grievous Wound
Frosty Condor doesn't hit quite as hard as Fang Kuohai most of the time, but the litany of status ailments really smarts. If you've picked upgrades that get rid of status ailments, great; otherwise you'll have to be careful with your healing. Incapacitate can prove quite annoying, so try to save a ranged attack in case you get stuck in one spot for a round and can't hit Frosty Condor.

And after Frost Condor...

Hou Jou

Despite having low HP compared to your last two opponents, Hou Jou is surprisingly tough. He uses the following attacks:
  • A polearm strike that applies buffs to Hou Jou
  • An AOE attack
  • Repelling Staff Technique, which prevents Yi from using any moves besides Lightness
Aside from his powerful hits, Hou Jou's greatest weapon is his Repelling Staff Technique, which disables Yi's offensive capabilities for two rounds. Get in as much damage as you can on the first two turns, heal on the third turn, and then get ready to run when Repelling Staff Technique goes off. Use Lightness to escape Hou Jou for a turn, then hide on the edges of the map and wait for the effect to wear off. Hou Jou doesn't have much HP, so hopefully it will only take one or two more attacks to finish him off.


Hui Kong

Phew, this is a lot of foes. Your buddy from the beginning of this scenario, Hui Kong won't go easy on you. He uses the following attacks:
  • A normal fist strike
  • A slamming attack that knocks Yi back several spaces, giving Kong an aura that renders him immune to all attacks
  • Prana Vajrapani Palms, a single-target slap
This fight isn't terribly difficult, but it will take a while. Hui Kong has a lot of HP, and his immunity and pushback attacks draw things out. On the plus side, this gives Five Immortals' Mental Sutra plenty of time to charge up so you can heal Yi. 

And then...

Lady Xuan

Well, hey, isn't this a familiar face. The former Girl in Red is a powerful opponent, with much higher stats than when she joined your party. Lady Xuan uses the following attacks:
  • A fiery whirling attack
  • Saha Hell, a multidirectional line attack
This fight only lasts a few rounds. Don't worry about it too much.

Things will go awry in the middle of the fight with Yao Ji, and she'll give in before the end, raising your Affinity with her in the process. This will end the tournament, and Yi will receive the Zhanlu Sword, an incredibly powerful weapon. (You also, I suspect, get a weapon that matches what you chose to start the game. I went with sabers, for example, so I received a Turtle Spirit Saber. Your results may vary.)

Look around the manor a bit before heading to your next destination. The NPCs hereabouts have some new things to say, and there are two new things to note in particular: 
  • If you look in the southeast of the estate grounds you'll trigger a cut scene with Frosty Condor. This little scene will earn you the Soul-Piercing Nails manual, as well as Martial Arts Perceptions.
  • Check to the northwest and you'll see Hou Jiu standing with a man named Lu Yuanxing. You'll also notice that you can recruit Yuanxing... though not yet. Feel free to give him some Gifts to get started, however.

Head to Tai'e Hall, in the north of the manor grounds, once you're done looking around. The masters who arranged the Sword Appreciation Assembly have a new mission for Yi, and he'll need help to see it through. You're told to speak to the following three characters and put them in the party:
  • Mowen (no surprise there), who is standing down and to the left of Tai'e Hall's front door - agree with him to raise Affinity
  • Ouyang Xue, who is in her own hall, to the east of Tai'e Hall - she'll give you the Sky Feather Swordplay manual
  • Yao Ji, who is in the eastern garden - call her by her name to raise Affinity
That's that. Head back to the Guest Room and sleep. Mowen will join the party the next day, and Xue and Ji will join when you find them on the southern pier. Your next destination is faaaaar to the northwest of here...

... though first you need to deal with some schmucks who try to steal the Zhanlu Sword. They'll try to ambush the party on the way out of Gusu City. This gives you a chance to try out your new party members. Have fun decimating this little gang of baddies!

Part 15: At Xungu Pass

Main Walkthrough