Location: Wudang Sect
Petitioner: Daotong
Prerequisite: Begin Become Elite Disciple
Reward: Varies; see below

In order to trigger this quest you must first begin Become Elite Disciple, a main quest. Approach Daotong, the man in the northeast of Wudang Sect's lowest (and most important) area, and he'll automatically give Yi this quest. You won't be able to do any Affiliate Quests until you finish Tianlong Gang Spies.

Visit Sanqing Hall and you'll find Jue Wuxin, one of the lead detectives from Liushan School, speaking to Master Qingxu. The conversation that follows is lengthy, and ends with Yi being recruited by Wuxin for a mission. Head east up the mountain once the conversation is done and speak to Daoxuan (he's up the stairs from the Disciples' Dorm) for Two-Time Refined Spirit Pills and some Jinchuang Ointment, then travel to the front gate. Wuxin will give you a Liushan School Token and the Liushan School's Secret Code, then send you out into the world.

Your next destination is Shuanghe Village. It's a bit of a walk from Wudang Sect:
  • Travel southeast of Wudang Sect until you see Jinli Village on your left and a waterfall on your right
  • Cross the bridge to the south, then take a right at Petalsfall Forest
  • Head south until you hit a crossroads, then travel east
Once you pass Mount Greenturnip you'll be in striking distance of Shuange Village.

Upon entry Yi will ponder whether he should be upfront with his investigation of the villagers, or hold back and remain discrete. You can use these two options to question several villagers:
  • The first person to question is the Village Head. He doesn't know anything, so be discrete. He'll offer his house as an alternative to an inn.
  • Next is Hu Dawang, near the Village Head. He claims to know nothing, so remain discrete. Yi will notice a clue if you keep your mouth shut.
  • Third is the Fishmonger. He does know something, so flash some ID for info.
  • Last is the Elderly Fisherman in the east. He also knows something, so identify yourself.

Now that you've spoken to everyone you're directed to head to the small teahouse on the west side of the village. First, though, you can inspect a couple other things just by wandering around:
  • Approach the chicken coop to the north of the Village Head for a clue
  • Inspect the Fishmonger's catch, on the right side of his counter, for a clue
  • Inspect the ground near the eastern exit for a clue
  • Check the end of the southern pier for a clue
You can also find a chest next to the Village Head's house which contains Moyao, Danggui, and the Medium-Grade Bloodelixir Spagirism.

When you approach the teahouse you'll need to decide on the contact. If you choose anyone but the Fishmonger, then sleep for the night, you'll see a cut scene with Jue Wuxin. You chose incorrectly, and your Affinity with Wuxin will drop - but you'll still get 680 Affiliation Credits, which is something. If you chose the Fishmonger, however...

Cheng Zhou and Pang Yu

Tianlong Gang isn't letting their contact go without a fight, it seems. You're facing five tough enemies, two of them unique, though you also have Wuxin on your side, and he's good with a polearm. None of your opponents have any crazy moves, so draw them into clumps if you can and hit them with AOE attacks.

You'll get some extra cut scenes - as well as extra items - if you fight and defeat the thugs of Tianlong Gang. You'll also get the 680 Affiliation Credits, and an Affinity boost with Jue Wuxin. This is the end of the quest, and you can head back to Wudang Sect - or you can partake of a side quest, Leijia Village, which will have you assisting another detective.