Location: Pingkang City
Petitioner: Constable Zhang
Prerequisite: Begin Trip in Pingkang
Reward: Varies; see below

Once you leave Wutong City the world will open up, and one of the nearer places you can visit is Pingkang City, to the west. That said, you won't officially start going there until you begin the main quest Trip in Pingkang, which is about when you can handle the city's side quests. The petitioner for this quest is one of the two Constables standing guard outside a house, in the west end of the city.

Constable Zhang will angrily try to send Yi on his way, though if you try to butt in the other Constable will present the situation: A huge group of people have been murdered inside the home they're guarding, and they don't know who did it. Constable Li will ask you to fetch the city's coroner for help. They ask that you not mention Liushan School in the process.

You'll find Coroner Song's House to the southeast of the two Constables, next to the Pingkang Martial Club in the west end of the city. Song immediately knows that Liushan School sent Yi, and will refuse to help. You have two options to proceed.

Persuade him

Yi will give Song a lengthy schpiel, and seemingly convince the man. Song will ask Yi to take his scalpel to be sharpened. You have two options:
  • I'm on it! Song will give you a Coldiron Scalpel. Take it to Zhang Hai the Blacksmith, to the northwest, and he'll tell you that you need Finestone from Mount Wanzi to sharpen this particular scalpel. Travel to Mount Wanzi, on the east side of Luo Village, and you'll find deposits of Finestone scattered throughout the area. They look like the Coal also found in this area, so you'll have to mine every heap of rocks that you spot. Take the Finestone to the blacksmith, then speak to Song and he'll join the party. Lead Song to Constable Li to receive your reward: A Two-Timed Refined Meridian Pill, a Liushan School's Golden Token, Martial Arts Thoughts, and 1,000 coins.
  • Please Hurry! This will end with the same result as simply giving up in the first place. Speak to Constable Li to receive a Refined Meridian PillMartial Arts NotesMartial Arts Thoughts, and 800 coins.

Give up

If you simply give up you'll need to speak to Constable Li. He's just glad you gave it a shot, and will give you a Refined Meridian Pill, Martial Arts Notes, Martial Arts Thoughts, and 800 coins.