Location: Pingkang City
Petitioner: Hangl Liab
Prerequisite: Begin Trip in Pingkang
Reward: Two-Time Refined Meridian Pill, Martial Arts Thoughts, 1,000 coins

Once you leave Wutong City the world will open up, and one of the nearer places you can visit is Pingkang City, to the west. That said, you won't officially start going there until you begin the main quest Trip in Pingkang, which is about when you can handle the city's side quests. The petitioner is sitting at a table on the second floor of the inn.

The petitioner, Hangl Liab, will start right out the gate with compliments. She'll identify herself as part of Wuxian Sect, and you can ask her a few questions. Ultimately, though, your inquiries will lead to one destination: Liab wants a specific type of alcohol, and needs a few more ingredients. Both are found in the Murkwood.

Leave Pingkang City and travel northeast. There's a bridge on your left. Cross it and you'll find the Murkwood on the other side, notable from the path leading into the trees. If this is your first time entering the Murkwood you'll find a Bandit guarding the entrance, and you'll either need to bribe him - or beat him up - to gain access. (He's not that difficult. Just beat him up.)

You need to collect ten of two types of creatures:
  • Centipedes
  • Spiders
Fortunately, the Murkwood is lousy with both, and you'll fight multiple of the two arthropods whenever you run into one on the map. Aside from being Poisoned, which is common in the Murkwood, you shouldn't have too much trouble collecting these ingredients. (The Centipedes will probably take longer than the Spiders.)

Take the ingredients back to Liab. She'll mix up a drink and ask Yi to have some. You have two options, though in both cases you'll need to have the liquor to push the quest forward. Check the drink on the table and it will permanently improve Yi's HP and MP. This will end the quest. (Yes, somehow you weren't being scammed or targeted on this one.)