Location: Pingkang City
Petitioner: Shangguan Hong
Prerequisite: Complete Valuable Toad Epidermis
Reward: Bibo Mental Sutra, Celestial Garment Advanced Blueprint, Martial Arts Thoughts

In order to trigger Dance at Qingmu Sect you first need to complete Valuable Toad Epidermis, a side quest located in Pingkang City. As you play through that quest you'll meet Shangguan Hong, a future party member, and she'll help you in the quest's final battle. After this she'll relocate to a spot next to Pingkang City's blacksmith.

Raise Hong's Affinity to 40 - she likes weapons, accessories, and items related to tea - and she'll begin to discuss her origins. After a lengthy tale she'll ask you to accompany her to Qingmu Sect to complete a trial (though she'll find her own way there). The following route will get you to Qingmu Sect from Pingkang City:
  • Leave Pingkang City and travel along the southeastern road, past Wild Boar Woods and Lotus Lake
  • Keep traveling east until you reach Chenghuang Temple, on the other side of a bridge
  • Continue east until you hit a four-way crossroads
  • Head north from the crossroads to find Qingmu Sect

Qingmu Sect is much calmer and more peaceful than Yi's own Wudang Sect - or so it seems at first. You'll find Hong facing off against a woman named Sima Ling, and you'll need to join Hong in battling Sima Ling and her two Qingmu Sect Disciples. It's not a difficult battle with Hong's help, so long as you close in on the two ranged Disciples and take them out swiftly.

Matters will be cleared up after the fight, and while Hong remains at Qingmu Sect to learn how to fight you'll be tasked with traveling to the nearby Bamboo Sea to collect Green Bamboo. Check near Mu Haitang, the sect's leader, for a chest containing Two-Times Refind Essence Pills, Brocades, and Satin, then lead the sect. Travel south of Qingmu Sect until you see a mountain on your right. The Bamboo Sea is on the south side of the mountain.

There is more than enough Green Bamboo on the narrow pathways of the Bamboo Sea to get all five stalks in a single visit. (Though you'll have to look closely for the telltale sparkles. You can't cut down most of the trees.) More problematic are the many Bamboo Forest Blowgunners and Sentries patrolling the pathways, who are legitimately tough enemies early in Wandering Sword. If you're having trouble with this area you may want to wait until you have more help - and you can get it during the main quest Revisit Pingkang, which puts Mowen and Moqi in your party.

Take the Green Bamboo back to Qingmu Sect and speak to Mu Haitang, the head of Qinmu Sect. She's in the eastern gardens of the sect, to the right. A lengthy cut scene follows, and when it is done you'll need to Spar with Shangguan Hong.

Shangguan Hong

This fight isn't to the death, mercifully, but you do have to win to push the quest forward. Shangguan Hong is no pushover, though she also doesn't have any crazy moves - she just does damage. Shangguan Hong uses the following attacks:
  • A normal sword stab
  • An AOE shockwave that travels in four directions
Standard Sparring rules apply here. If you're a close-range fighter, move around Hong in a tight arc and only attack her rear or flanks. If you're a long-range fighter, use Lightness to keep at a distance and hit her from afar, only allowing Hong to strike you from the front. Heal as needed.

Defeat Shangguan Hong and you'll complete the quest. In addition to your reward, Hong will join the party as a normal member of the team. (It's also worth mentioning that Sima Ling is recruitable, but... not yet. She'll stop you at an Affinity of 40. We'll get there.)