Location: Tianming Village
Prerequisite: Complete Soulwrecked Sword - Overture or Truth Revealed; see below
Petitioner: None
Reward: Martial Arts Perceptions, Nether Laws or Sleeping Arhat Staff, Martial Arts Perceptions

There are two different versions of this quest:
  • The 'normal' version comes from completing Soulwrecked Sword - Overture, which pits you against two traitors to Beggars' Sect. You need to avoid completing several side quests.
  • The 'good' version comes from completing the sidequests related to Soulwrecked Sword - Overture. Do so and you'll trigger Truth Revealed instead. At the end of Truth Revealed Yi will get beaten in battle... twice... and you'll wind up in Tianming Village. Battle with the Beggars' Sect is the culmination of this storyline.
We'll look at both versions of the quest in this guide.

Normal Version

After fighting Yan Weihuan and Xun Yaoyao at the Beggars' Sect HQ you'll be told to speak to Zuo Jianglong, the leader of the sect. He'll tell you to head to Mount Greenturnip, which is north of Tancheng City. Climb to the top of the mountain, heading northwest, to trigger a cut scene. It will end the quest, and you'll probably be confused as to what just happened, since much of the story is left unsaid.

It is important to note that getting this ending to the quest will rob you of the opportunity to recruit two party members. If you have the option you should reload your game and complete the quests related to Soulwrecked Sword - Overture.

Good Version

You can't leave Tianming Village without completing this quest, so have a look around for a bit if you like - there's not a whole lot to see, though you should at least heal Yi - then speak to Yan Weihuan, on the east side of the village. This will kick things off, and before you know it you'll be embroiled in a battle.

The Black and White Impermanence

Ahh, it's these guys again. With boosted HP and stronger attacks, the Impermanences are much tougher opponents than before... but, fortunately, you've got some extra firepower of your own. The Black and White Impermanence both use the same moves:
  • A multi-directional polearm attack
  • A longer-range, multi-directional polearm attack
  • An AOE attack that can Incapacitate characters
  • Yin-Yang Cross Staff, a large AOE
Your advantage here is that, while you don't have your normal party members available, you do have Yan Weihuan and Xun Yaoyao on the team. They will likely be much stronger than Yi.

If you try to go one-on-one with the Impermanences your characters will likely lose, so it's best to pick one and gang up on him while weathering the attacks of both. Position your fighters so one Impermanence is hitting Yaoyao, while the other hits Weihuan, and try to keep things that way. Yi won't last long getting him by either of them, and your other comrades aren't invincible either. Ranged attacks are the better option, if you can help it, as you don't want more than one character to become Incapacitated. Yaoyao is well-suited to hitting at a long range, and can lead one Impermanence on a merry chase if you need to stall.

Yi's Affinity with Yaoyao, Weihuan, and Li Yuanxing will rise after the battle, and the quest will end. Head back to the Beggars' Sect HQ after the fight and everything will be back to normal... though if you speak to Yuanxing again you'll learn that he has resigned his position in the Beggars' Sect. In addition to the reward for completing this quest you can now recruit Yuanxing into the party. This will also unlock an opportunity to recruit Weihuan later in the game, though you need to push the main story forward a bit more.

Leave the Beggars' Sect. On the way out you'll get a bit more dialogue if Bai Jin is in the party, and as you leave Tancheng City you'll run into Yaoyao one more time. She'll give Yi a final gift: A Three Time Refined Meridian Pill, as well as the Bone Nails and Necrotoxin manuals.