Location: Tancheng City
Prerequisite: Complete Siege of Mount Windless
Petitioner: None
Reward: None

In order to trigger this side quest you need to complete Siege of Mount Windless, a rather important main story quest. Doing so will send you back to Wudang Sect after another, smaller quest, and as you leave the Disciples' Dorms and head east one of the other Wudang members will mention something happening in Tancheng City. This is the trigger for the side quest.

Tancheng City is located to the southeast of Wudang Sect. Leave the sect and travel southeast until you see a waterfall coming out of a mountain. You'll find Tancheng City beyond the bridge that's next to the waterfall and a little ways further south along the road. Upon entering Tancheng City you'll hit a cut scene that introduces Soulwrecking Bird, a villain who plans for retribution upon the Beggars' Sect. Heading north after this cut scene will introduce another cut scene, involving an old man.

Head directly north through Tancheng City once you regain control and you'll find the entrance to the Beggars' Sect's headquarters. Another cut scene will jump in when you enter the HQ, and Yi will offer his help in dealing with Soulwrecking Bird. One of the members of the sect, Li Yuanxing, will guide Yi to a room where he can stay the night. You'll find Yuanxing up and to the right once you regain control.

Yuanxing will explain the particulars of the coming battle. If you speak to him now the plot will jump forward. You can do this... or you can look around a bit more an investigate the situation in greater detail. If you decide to investigate you can learn additional info from the Beggars' Sect's various NPCs. You will miss out on several things if you skip these side quests, so you should probably take the time to complete them.

There are four side quests in all that are tied to the NPCs in Beggars' Sect:
  • The Way of Beggars' Sect Zou Jianglong, in the north of the Beggars' Sect HQ, will discuss Soulwrecking Bird's ability to turn people into puppets. He'll send you off on an investigation.
  • Main Staff Technique - Hou Jiu, in the northeast, will discuss Soulwrecking Bird's combat style. You'll then have to Spar with him. If Ye Fei is in the party he'll have additional dialogue after the battle.
  • Clean Clothing Faction - Wu Tianliu, in the west, wants equipment for half price from the Ouyang family. He'll send Yi out to secure the discounted arms. 
  • Troupe History - When you leave the Beggars' Sect HQ you'll see an old man headed towards the inn. This is yet another multi-step quest, and likely the most important one when it comes to getting the 'good' ending of all of these Beggars' Sect side quests.
If you speak to Li Yuanxing before completing these quests (I have a feeling that The Way of Beggars' Sect and Troupe History are the important ones, but I'm not 100% on that) you'll jump to the battle. If, however, you do complete these quests, you'll unlock a different side quest altogether: Truth Revealed. Things go rather differently if this happens.

We'll proceed as though you did not unlock Truth Revealed. Speak to Yuanxing and you'll wait for a few days, then get into a scrap.

Yan Weihuan

A powerful martial artist, Yan Weihuan is likely beyond your ability to defeat. He uses hand-to-hand combat, and hits quite hard - and the only help Yi receives is from Hou Jiu, who primarily serves as a distraction. Weihuan uses the following attacks:
  • Close-range fist attacks
  • A long-ranged, single target fist attack
  • An AOE fist attack that can inflict Grappling
  • Soaring Dragon, a ranged AOE that buffs Weihuan
You need to make the most of Jiu's presence while he's here. Keep away for a round so Weihuan will lock onto Jiu, then approach from the side and do as much damage as you can before Jiu goes down. Hopefully you can outlast Weihuan. (Thoug don't worry too much about winning. It isn't necessary.

Xun Yaoyao and Yan Weihuan

Immediately after the battle you'll get into another one, this time against Xun Yaoyao and Yan Weihuan. The fight starts off the same as the last one, with your two characters fighting Weihuan, though on the other side of the battle Yaoyao will battle Wu Tianliu, one of the elders of Beggars' Sect. You need to take down Weihuan, then rush over and back up Tianliu. Yaoyao uses the following attacks:
  • Single-target ranged attacks, one of which inflicts Poison
  • A diamond-shaped, ranged AOE attack that can inflict Bleeding
  • Crows' Cawing, a diamond-shaped, ranged AOE attack that can inflict Dazzled
Again, you don't have to win this fight. If you want to try, however, your approach should be similar to the last battle: Use Hou Jiu as a distraction (you can't control him this time) and batter Weihuan from behind. Once he's gone, join Tianliu in finishing off Xun Yaoyao. Her AOE moves cover a wide range, so hit her from a distance whenever possible.

Win or lose, once the fight's over the... villains...? ... will flee. You'll need to pursue them to Mount Greenturnip, as part of the quest Battle with the Beggars' Sect.