Location: Tancheng City
Prerequisite: Begin Soulwrecking Song - Overture
Petitioner: Zou Jianlong
Reward: Martial Arts Perceptions, 5,000 coins

This side quest is part of a series of side quests that focus on the Beggars' Sect, headquartered in Tancheng City. In order to trigger these quests you need to travel to Tancheng City after completing Siege of Mount Windless, then speak to the Beggars' Sect in the north of the city and agree to help them with their problems.

The petitioner for this quest, Zou Jianlong, is in the north of the Beggars' Sect headquarters. He speaks a bit about the puppets used by Soulwrecking Bird, the villain targeting the sect, and wants Yi to investigate a few things. Agree and you'll be headed off on a multi-stop side quest.

Your first stop is in Tancheng City. Leave the Beggars' Sect Headquarters and head southeast through Tancheng City. Next to a railing you'll find a man named Gong Jin. He'll answer a few questions, then direct you to Tianming Village. Leave Tancheng City and you'll find Tianming to the southeast. Here you'll have to speak to Liu Xuan, who's south of the entrance, next to a bridge.

Liu Xuan will point you to the nearby Purple Bamboo Forest. Cross the bridge to the south and you'll find what looks like a dead end. Take a left and you'll find a slope up to a forested path. Follow this and it will take you south to the entrance of Purple Bamboo Forest. This place is full of enemies, so be prepared to fight.

There are two bamboo bridges in Purple Bamboo Forest. Head east from the entrance, going north at your first oppotunity, and you'll see the upper of the two bridges on your right. West of this bridge is a clearing with a large rock on the left side. Approach the rock and you'll trigger some dialogue with Yi. With this done, head back to Tianming Village and speak to Liu Xuan again. Head north out of the village after speaking to Liu Xuan and another villager will speak up as you leave. (Lü Xian'er will also chime in if she's in the party.)

Return to Tancheng City. At the entrance of the city you'll run into a Person in Conical Hat, and they will challenge Yi to a battle. This mysterious figure has lots of health (4,000+ HP), but will only fight with a regular punching attack. This makes the battle rather easy, even if you can only use Yi. They will flee after the fight.

Speak to Gong Jin again after the fight - he's right where you left him - then head back to the Beggars' Quest HQ and talk to Zou Jianlong to receive your reward.