Part 17: Go to Li City

Main Walkthrough

Mount Windless - Enemies

  • Desert Scorpion
  • Tianlong Gang Great Marksman
  • Tianlong Gang Great Saberman
  • Tianlong Gang Saberman
  • Tianlong Gang Spearman
Mount Windless - Drops
  • Celestial Garment
  • Coldiron Knuckles
  • Demon Conqueror
  • Featherless Arrow
  • Jadeite Guanyin
  • Jinchuang Ointment
  • Lanling Liquor
  • Linen Satin
  • Scorpion
  • Silverlight Saber
  • Tiger Claws Boots
  • White Tiger Sword

The time has come to corner and eliminate Tianlong Gang, and Yi is eager for the battle to begin... only it appears that the party missed the opening salvoes. You'll find Mount Windless to the east of Li City, and the brawl will be well underway. The game will stop you before you enter Mount Windless, and given what happens here you may want to create an individual save, just in case you don't like what happens.

As soon as you enter Mount Windless you'll be thrown into a battle with some Tianlong Gang thugs. Moqi and Zhan Wuxing will pause to thank you after the fight, and a brief conversation later you'll be headed up the mountain. Before climbing too far, though, look to your right for a side path. This leads to a heap of Coal and a chest containing Coldiron Ore, an Exorcism Staff, and a Minghong Saber Advanced Blueprint.

To the east you'll hit some stairs. If you ignore them and head southeast you'll trigger a cut scene where Yi spots a Tianlong Gang member. Follow him further southeast and you'll corner him by a chest. He'll beg for his life, and if you spare him he'll tell you about a secret that will help you later. Check the chest he was guarding to receive Tourmaline, a Two-Time Refined Essence Pill, Dark Wood, and the Xuanyan Lightness Skill manual.

Backtrack the way you came. Climb the stairs leading east and you'll start running into various Tianlong Gang enemies. They won't prove too difficult to dispatch. Climb stairs until you see a bridge on your right. If you climb one last set of optional stairs - and, likely, beat the bad guy at the top - you'll find a chest containing a Cuprite Ingot and a Featherless Arrow Advanced Blueprint. Cross the bridge.

On the other side of the bridge you'll run into some familiar - but very unfriendly - faces, though their owners will leave without a fight. Check to the north once the cut scene is over, beside the houses, and you'll find a chest containing a Xin Metal Pill, Showwu, a Testament, and a Jadeite Guanyin Advanced Blueprint. Keep climbing the mountain to the east, fighting as you go.

Once you see buildings again you'll know you're on the edge of a major battle. There are five friendly factions here that are battling Tianlong Gang thugs, and you need to help all five of them to push the plot forward. You have plenty of help in these fights, and they're all against enemies you've already been kicking, so move from brawl to brawl and beat the baddies down. It'll take a while, but it's not difficult.

The primary target, Cao Yutian, will disappear after the battle, and everyone will assume he escaped by secret passage - a passage no one can find. Look inside Marauder Hall, the building in the north, and you'll find several things inside: 

  • There's a Top Quality Hide beneath the throne.
  • Inspect the right table in the center of the room to receive an Ox Horn Teapot.
  • Check the bookshelves on the right side of the room to receive The Records of the Grand Historian, The Strategies of the Warring States, and Martial Arts Thoughts.
  • There's a chest containing a Green Jade Thumb Ring, a Scuffed Coin, a Yuping Fruit, and Bloodred Coral in the bottom-left corner of the room.
Inspect the painting hanging on the rear-left wall of the room once you're done looking around. You'll find a shoddy vase, and the control appears to require a Plum Tree Branch. You'll find it back outside, to the south, and off to the right of the Ouyangs. Save your game, then plop the Plum Tree Branch in the vase. The secret passage opens...

... beneath everyone's feet, dropping you into a cave. There's no going back now.

Follow the path and you'll be attacked by more Tianlong Gang mooks. They're nothing special. Head southeast of this battleground and you'll find rising and falling spike traps built into the ground. Proceed carefully across them, as you'll be thrown back to the start if you touch any of the spikes. Look along the left side of the second set of spikes to find a chest containing a Two-Time Refined Breath Pill, Rhinohorn, and the Braised Dragonfish Recipe.

Follow the path east of the spike traps and you'll see fireballs striking a cliff. Check the top of the cliff, above the spot where the fireballs keep hitting, to find a chest containing an Intact Coin, a Weiqi Board, Beast Face Armor, and Jinchuang Ointment. There are stairs to the south of the chest, and they'll take you down to the path of the fireballs. You need to weave between them as you run east.

East of the fireball traps is a clearing. Check down and to the right of the clearing to find a chest containing a Lantian Jade Ruyi, a Vertical Konghou, and Premium Hide. Northwest of here, past some Cinnabar Ore, are two lines of fire traps built into the ground. They alternate, so just switch lines whenever the fires subside. Halfway across the traps is a chest containing Two-Time Refined Spirit Pills, Cinnabar Ore, and Refined Meridian Pills.

Beyond the fire traps you'll run into another squad of Tianlong Gang guys, lead by a larger baddie named Vulture. Aside from his Thunderclap Slash AOE move Vulture is just an enhanced mook, and despite the numbers of the enemy you shouldn't have any trouble with this group. Mowen suggests resting here, which is good advice if your party is struggling.

North of the clearing where you fought Vulture are two chests. They contain Gouqi, Tanxiang, Cordyceps, a Turtle Spirit Saber, a lead Ingot, Cinnabar, a Ding Fire Pill, and a Geng Metal Pill. Proceed east of here to reach the end of the line.

Cao Yutian

Yikes. Despite being vastly outnumbered, Cao Yutian can give your team a run for their money. He has a ton of HP compared to your troops, and will probably hit much harder. Cao Yutian uses the following attacks:
  • A single-square attack
  • A three-square saber slash
  • Four- and six-square saber slashes
  • Encompassing Saberplay, an AOE attack that spreads out in all directions
  • Divine Dragon Slash, a ranged AOE attack
Cao Yutian also has the Cloud of Nine States status effect, which converts damage into MP damage.

This fight requires a measured offensive. Ideally you'll surround Yutian on four sides, then let the rest of your characters attack from a range at angles. This will prevent Yutian's attacks from striking too many characters at once. You'll need as much HP as you can spare to survive Encompassing Saberplay, which may hit everyone in the party, depending on how you've positioned your characters. It's better to attack, if you can, but it's not a terrible idea to back someone off if they're low on HP and try to heal a bit. Get this battle over with as quickly as you can.

You'll receive several good items for defeating Cao Yutian, most likely including the Encompassing Saberplay manual. After some chatter Yutian will power himself up drastically and go on the attack again, though this time all you need to do is survive for five rounds. Use Lightness and scatter your characters to all corners of the map. Yutian will waste his time chasing one or two characters, giving you the room you need to outlast his attacks.

After the Siege of Mount Windless - and everything that follows - Yi will wind up back at Li City, minus Mowen and Xue. Leave the inn and head west. You'll run into several cut scenes along the way, and they make it clear that Xue got the worst of what happened. She's out of commission for a while.

Head back east to the inn after checking in on the Ouyangs and receiving orders. A boy named Kong San will try to attack Yi, but will drop his Minghong Saber, then retreat. Follow him south to find a Dilapidated House, apparently owned by San and his sister, Si. This will trigger a lengthy series of cut scenes, and once they're done you'll be back at Wudang Sect, with another 500 Wudang Sect Affiliation Credits to your name. 

Your next goal? Collecting... magnets.

Part 19: Visiting Mingjian

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